Amend CSHB 1 in Article VII of the bill by adding the following appropriately numbered rider following the appropriations to the Texas Department of Transportation:
____.  Use of Emerging Fund Managers for Investments. (a) To the extent that the Texas Department of Transportation contracts with private professional investment managers to manage or assist in managing money appropriated to the department by this Act or otherwise acquires private financial services for money appropriated by this Act, it is the intent of the legislature that the department shall make a good faith effort to award contracts to or acquire services from qualified emerging fund managers.
(b)  For purposes of Subsection (a):
(1)  "Emerging fund manager" means a private professional investment manager that manages assets of not more than $5 billion.
(2)  "Private financial services" includes pension fund management, consulting, investment advising, brokerage services, hedge fund management, private equity fund management, and real estate investment.