Amend Amendment No. 213 to CSHB 1 by Giddings (page 310 of the prefiled amendment packet) by striking the text of the amendment and substituting the following:
Amend CSHB 1 in Article VI of the bill by adding the following appropriately numbered rider following the appropriations to the General Land Office and Veterans' Land Board:
____. Improved Methodology for Calculation of Royalties on Flared or Vented Gas. It is the intent of the legislature that:
(1)  the General Land Office work with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the Railroad Commission of Texas, and the comptroller to attempt to identify and develop an improved methodology that ensures the accurate measurement or estimation of the amount of gas flared or vented from wells located on state land and the appropriate calculation of royalties on flared or vented gas so as to maximize state revenue;
(2)  an improved methodology identified reflect current knowledge about emissions and up-to-date best practices so as to most accurately determine the amount of gas flared or vented; and
(3)  the General Land Office provide notice and guidance to gas producers as necessary.