Amend Amendment No. 258 to CSHB 1 by Villarreal (page 410, pre-filed amendments packet) by adding the following appropriately numbered item:
(____) Following the appropriations to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (page III-39), in Rider No. 11, immediately following the third paragraph, add the following paragraph:
In addition to the amounts appropriated above for the Tuition Equalization Grant Program under Strategy B.1.8 above, the Higher Education Coordinating Board is appropriated an amount not to exceed $45,000,000 to be allocated for grants for students from racial or ethnic groups that are underrepresented among higher education students attending a private or independent institution of higher education. The amounts are appropriated under this paragraph by reallocating all funds appropriated by this Act to the Higher Education Coordinating Board that may be used to subsidize resident tuition for students who qualify for resident tuition under Sections 54.051(m), 54.052, 54.055, or 54.060(b), Education Code.