Amend Amendment No. 269 to CSHB 1 by Eiland (prefiled amendment packet, page 422), by striking the text of the rider added by the amendment and substituting the following:
____. TRANSFER OF CERTAIN REVENUE. If HB 259 or HB 3675 or similar legislation relating to video service assessments and taxes on subscription providers by the 82nd Legislature, Regular Session, is enacted and becomes law, it is the intent of the legislature that the comptroller transfer to the property tax relief fund established under Section 403.109, Government Code, all net revenue derived from the provisions of the legislation that is not allocated for the issuance of warrants to municipalities and counties and that is deposited to a fund other than the property tax relief fund, for purposes of:
(1) offsetting a reduction in net revenue derived from the tax imposed under Chapter 171, Tax Code, resulting from the enactment and becoming law of any legislation that retains the provision in Section 171.002(d), Tax Code, providing that a taxable entity as defined by Section 171.0002, Tax Code, with total revenue from its entire business of $1 million or less is not required to pay any tax and is not considered to owe any tax under that chapter; and
(2) further reducing school district maintenance and operations ad valorem tax rates.