Amend CSHB 1 in Article I by inserting the following rider, appropriately numbered, following the appropriations to the Texas Veterans Commission:
____.  Texas Veterans Commission: Veterans Resource Centers. Out of the amount appropriated above out of the general revenue fund in Strategy A.1.3, Veterans Education, it is the intent of the legislature that, to the extent authorized by general law, the commission establish and administer veterans resource centers at institutions of higher education in the state to:
(1)  provide a centralized place for veterans to find assistance and information while enrolled at an institution of higher education;
(2)  deliver innovative, cost-effective programs to attract veterans and family members of veterans to attend public institutions of higher education;
(3)  enable institutions of higher education to create veteran-friendly environments;
(4)  encourage veterans to take advantage of government educational programs; and
(5)  assist veterans in applying to public institutions of higher education.