Amend Amendment No. 297 to CSHB 1 (prefiled amendment packet, page 251) by striking everything after "CSHB 1" and substituting the following:
by inserting the following appropriately-numbered rider in Article XI of the bill:
____. CONTINGENCY APPROPRIATION RELATED TO HB 1928. Contingent on the enactment and becoming law of HB 1928 or similar legislation of the 82nd Legislature relating to the prosecution of offenses against public administration, including ethics offenses, offenses involving insurance fraud, and offenses involving motor fuels tax, the amount appropriated to the Judiciary Section, Comptroller's Department on page IV-33 in Strategy D.1.4 to the Public Integrity Unit, Travis County, is appropriated to the Office of the Attorney General for the purpose of implementing the legislation. If HB 1928 or similar legislation of the 82nd Legislature is enacted and becomes law, the Public Integrity Unit, Office of Attorney General, shall submit a report each January 1 to the Legislative Budget Board and the Governor the preceding fiscal year ending August 31 in a format prescribed by the Board and the Governor that includes annual statistical information on fraud investigations of the Public Integrity Unit.