Amend CSHB 1 as follows:
(1)  In Article VII, page ____, reduce general revenue funding for the Texas Lottery Commission, Strategy A.1.8, Mass Media Advertising by $7,184,949 in FY2012 and by $7,184,950 in FY2013.
(2)  Increase funding in Article III, page ____, strategy B.1.4, Educational Aide Program, by $7,184,949 in FY2012 and by $7,184,950 in FY2013.
Amend CSHB 1, Article III Higher Education Coordinating Board to add the following appropriately numbered rider:
____: Educational Aide Program. The amounts appropriated above in Strategy B.1.4, Educational Aide Program, shall be expended by the Higher Education Coordinating Board so as to ensure priority for persons who have previously been awarded a tuition exemption in order that they may complete teacher certification. Any balances on hand at the end of fiscal year 2012 may be carried over to fiscal year 2013 and any such funds are appropriated for fiscal year 2013 for the same purpose.