Amend Article II, Rider 43 (page II-19), by adding inserting the following after subsection b.(3)
Prior to transfer of an SSLC resident from the ____ SSLC, DADS will require that the new care provider identify the health practitioners who will be used to treat the resident, as well as the health practitioners' training, experience, and willingness to serve the resident. The provider must certify to DADS that it can provide the treatment and care as specified in the resident's individualized treatment plan.
And by inserting the following paragraph at the end of the Rider:
Following the closure of the SSLC, the Department will monitor the health and wellbeing of the residents moved from the SSLC to community care. DADS is directed to track the provision of health care for former residents as required by their individual treatment plans, and to provide a report to the Legislative Budget Board and the Governor by August 31, 2013 that documents available health outcomes and mortality rates of residents moved into the community. DADS must maintain privacy of these residents. It is the intent of the Legislature that additional SSLCs may not be closed until the completion of the health outcome/mortality rate study.