Amend Amendment No. 88 by adding the following appropriately numbered section to Special Provisions for Health and Human Services on page II-104 of CSHB 1.
____ Sec. Medicaid Managed Care Premium Rate Notification Requirements. The Health and Human Services Commission shall report to the LBB and the Governor's Office of Budget and Planning on the use of appropriated funds for premium rates paid to Medicaid managed care organizations, as listed in Chapter 533, Government Code, in the manner stipulated by this provision. Prior to the submission of a proposed premium rate, the Commission shall ensure that such proposals have been certified by an independent actuary, are in compliance with Social Security Act 1903(M)(2)(A), comport with premium rate requirements of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and Chapter 533.013, Government Code. No agency subject to this provision shall take action that causes a premium rate to be actuarially unsound. Upon initiation of the development of premium rates, HHSC shall notify the LBB and the Governor's Office of Budget and Planning of the premium rate development schedule and provide data, in a format developed by the LBB and HHSC, updated caseload and case-mix experience for the rate year, and an explanation of factors which contribute to the development of premium rates.