Amend CSHB 213 (Senate committee printing), by striking on page 3, lines 56 thru 66, and substituting the following:
"(c)  A purchaser or borrower must bring an action to void a deed executed in violation of this section not later than the fourth anniversary of the date the deed was recorded. A purchaser or borrower who is a prevailing party in an action to void a deed under this section may recover reasonable and necessary attorney's fees.
Sec. 21.003  ACTION BY ATTORNEY GENERAL. (a)  The attorney general may bring an action on behalf of the state:
(1)  for injunctive relief to require compliance with this chapter;
(2)  to recover a civil penalty of $500 for each violation of this chapter; or
(3)  for both injunctive relief and to recover the civil penalty.
(b)  The attorney general is entitled to recover reasonable expenses incurred in obtaining injunctive relief or a civil penalty, or both, under this section, including court costs and reasonable attorney's fees.
(c)  The court may make such additional orders or judgments as are necessary to return to the purchaser a deed conveying residential real estate that the court finds was acquired by means of any violation of this chapter.
(d)  In bringing or participating in an action under this chapter, the attorney general acts in the name of the state and does not establish an attorney-client relationship with another person, including a person to whom the attorney general requests that the court award relief.
(e)  An action by the attorney general must be brought not later than the fourth anniversary of the date the deed was recorded."