Amend HB 1951 (house committee printing) by adding the following appropriately numbered ARTICLE to the bill and renumbering subsequent ARTICLES of the bill accordingly:
SECTION __.001.  (a)  The adjuster advisory board established under this section is composed of the following nine members appointed by the commissioner:
(1)  two public insurance adjusters;
(2)  two members who represent the general public;
(3)  two independent adjusters;
(4)  one adjuster who represents a domestic insurer authorized to engage in business in this state;
(5)  one adjuster who represents a foreign insurer authorized to engage in business in this state; and
(6)  one representative of the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas.
(b)  A member who represents the general public may not be:
(1)  an officer, director, or employee of:
(A)  an adjuster or adjusting company;
(B)  an insurance agent or agency;
(C)  an insurance broker;
(D)  an insurer; or
(E)  any other business entity regulated by the department;
(2)  a person required to register as a lobbyist under Chapter 305, Government Code; or
(3)  a person related within the second degree of affinity or consanguinity to a person described by Subdivision (1) or (2).
(c)  The advisory board shall make recommendations to the commissioner regarding:
(1)  matters related to the licensing, testing, and continuing education of licensed adjusters;
(2)  matters related to claims handling, catastrophic loss preparedness, ethical guidelines, and other professionally relevant issues; and
(3)  any other matter the commissioner submits to the advisory board for a recommendation.
(d)  A member of the advisory board serves without compensation. If authorized by the commissioner, a member is entitled to reimbursement for reasonable expenses incurred in attending meetings of the advisory board.
(e)  The advisory board is subject to Chapter 2110, Government Code.