Amend HB 1951 (house committee printing) by adding the following appropriately numbered SECTIONS to ARTICLE 3 and renumbering remaining SECTIONS accordingly:
SECTION 3.____.  Section 1651.056, Insurance Code, is amended by adding Subsection (d) to read as follows:
(d)  With respect to a policy that was delivered, issued for delivery, or renewed on or before July 1, 2002, an insurer who obtains the commissioner's approval for an increase of a long-term care premium rate under Subsection (a) may not apply to the commissioner for a subsequent rate increase.
SECTION 3.____.  Section 1651.056(d), Insurance Code, as added by this Act, applies to an application to the insurance commissioner for a rate increase on or after the effective date of this Act, without regard to whether the insurer previously obtained approval of an increase described by that subsection before, on, or after the effective date of this Act.