Amend HB 1951 as follows:
Insert the following appropriately numbered SECTION and renumber the SECTIONS of the bill accordingly.
SECTION ____.  Subtitle C, Title 5, Insurance Code, is amended by adding Chapter 565 to read as follows:
Sec. 565.001.  APPLICABILITY OF CHAPTER. This chapter applies to an insurance policy or other coverage agreement acquired by the covered person for personal, family, or household purposes issued by a company regulated by the commissioner, including:
(1)  a domestic or foreign, stock or mutual, life, health, or accident insurance company;
(2)  a domestic or foreign, stock or mutual, fire or casualty insurance company;
(3)  a Mexican casualty company;
(4)  a domestic or foreign Lloyd's plan;
(5)  a domestic or foreign reciprocal or inter-insurance exchange;
(6)  a domestic or foreign fraternal benefit society;
(7)  a domestic or foreign title insurance company;
(8)  an attorney's title insurance company;
(9)  a stipulated premium company;
(10)  a nonprofit legal service corporation;
(11)  a health maintenance organization;
(12)  a statewide mutual assessment company;
(13)  a local mutual aid association;
(14)  a local mutual burial association;
(15)  an association exempt under Section 887.102;
(16)  a nonprofit hospital, medical, or dental service corporation, including a company subject to Chapter 842;
(17)  a county mutual insurance company; and
(18)  a farm mutual insurance company.
Sec. 565.002.  PROVISION REQUIRING ARBITRATION PROHIBITED. (a)  An insurance policy or other coverage agreement may not require the covered person to submit to arbitration a dispute related to the coverage that arises after the agreement is entered into.
(b)  If a written agreement that involves the provision of insurance and other services, goods, property, or credit includes a provision that requires a dispute under the agreement to be submitted to arbitration, the agreement must include a clear and conspicuous disclosure that the mandatory arbitration provision does not apply to any insurance-related dispute under the agreement.
(c)  A provision in an insurance policy or other coverage agreement that violates this section is void and unenforceable.
Sec. 565.003.  LIABILITY. (a)  A person described by Section 565.001 that issues a coverage agreement that violates this section is liable to the covered person for:
(1)  the covered person's actual damages sustained as a result of the violation;
(2)  $100, regardless of whether actual damages are sustained; and
(3)  the covered person's attorney's fees and costs to recover under this subsection.
(b)  A contract provision that requires an action to enforce this section to be submitted to arbitration is void and unenforceable.