Amend HB 1951 (house committee printing) on third reading by adding the following appropriately numbered ARTICLE to the bill and renumbering subsequent ARTICLES of the bill accordingly:
SECTION ____.001.  Section 2251.009, Insurance Code, is added to read as follows:
Sec. 2251.009. NOTICE OF VARIABLES USED TO DETERMINE PREMIUM. (a) This section applies to an insurer writing residential property or personal automobile insurance.
(b)  An insurer shall provide each policyholder with a list of:
(1)  At the minimum:
(A)  the ten variables with the greatest impact in determining the policyholder's premium; or
(B)  if less than ten variables apply to the policy, all of the variables used in determining the policyholder's premium; and
(C)  any additional variables that the commissioner by rule may require, if those variables are used to determine the policyholder's premium, or
(2)  all variables used in determining the policyholder's premium.
(c)  The list described in Subsection (b) shall be listed in order of greatest impact and also include a plain-language description of each variable.
(d)  The variables shall include any variables that affect the premium charged the policyholder, including factors, relativities, tiers, increased limits factors, classification relativities, deductible relativities, discounts, surcharges, and fees.
(e)  An insurer shall provide the list required by subsection (b) to the policyholder:
(1)  when the policy is issued; and
(2)  with the notice of:
(A)  renewal;
(B)  an offer of replacement coverage if the policy is nonrenewed; or
(C)  as required by the commissioner by rule.
(f)  The commissioner shall adopt rules as necessary to implement this subchapter.
SECTION ____.002.  Section 32.102(a)(2), Insurance Code, is amended by adding paragraph (H) to read as follows:
(H)  a list and plain-language description of each variable described in Section 2251.009 that may be used to determine the policyholder's premium.