S.B. 1179

By: Nelson

Government Efficiency & Reform

Committee Report (Unamended)






A recent report published by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission regarding the potential elimination or reduction in frequency of reports that are required by state law to be submitted by a state agency or institution of higher education to another state agency or office identified a number of reports that could be eliminated without compromising the need of the governor and the Texas Legislature to be made aware of the activities and financial status of state government. A work group consisting of representatives from those state agencies and offices that receive the greatest number of reports from other agencies, including the offices of the governor, lieutenant governor, and speaker of the house of representatives, and the Legislative Budget Board, comptroller of public accounts, Texas Workforce Commission, Health and Human Services Commission, and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, evaluated those reports and found that many of the reports received by the agencies were of little or no use.


The bill seeks to increase government efficiency by eliminating outdated state agency and higher education reports that are unnecessary and consume staff time, printing costs, and storage space.




It is the committee's opinion that this bill does not expressly grant any additional rulemaking authority to a state officer, department, agency, or institution.




The bill amends the Agriculture, Alcoholic Beverage Code, Education, Family, Government, Health and Safety, Human Resources, Insurance, Natural Resources, Transportation, and Water Codes, as well as the Texas Racing Act, to repeal various reporting requirements of applicable state agencies.


Many of the reports recommended for repeal pertain to the Funds Received and Disbursed Report, which has been superseded by the Annual Financial Report. Other reports listed for repeal are reports currently listed in statute that have expired by their own terms, reports whose due date has expired, or reports required of abolished agencies.


The bill repeals the following sections of the Agriculture Code: Section 12.014; Section 12.029(c); Section 12.038(f); Section 131.005(b); Section 161.032.


The bill repeals Section 5.09, Alcoholic Beverage Code.


The bill repeals the following sections of the Education Code: Section 7.055(b)(8); Section 21.357(d); Section 29.087(m); Section 39.335; Section 44.042(d); Section 51.216; Sections 51.403(b), (c), and (d); Section 51.404; Section 51.504; Section 51.859; Section 51.917(e); Section 56.206(c); Section 61.051(r); Section 61.069; Section 61.0815; Section 61.087(c); Section 61.806(f); Sections 61.823(e) and (f) Section 86.52(m); Sections 130.0033(d) and (e) Section 130.152; Section 143.006.


The bill repeals Section 236.002(e), Family Code.


The bill repeals the following sections of the Government Code: Section 320.003; Section 320.004; Sections 411.0075(b), (c), and (d); Section 411.0097(d), as added by Chapter 693 (S.B. 293), Acts of the 79th Legislature, Regular Session, 2005; Section 411.013(d); Sections 413.005(e), (f), and (g); Section 413.013; Section 413.015; Sections 413.016(b), (c), (d), and (e); Section 413.022(b); Section 419.008(e); Section 419.010; Section 434.013(b); Section 441.013(c); Section 441.154(n); Section 442.005(d); Section 442.010(b); Section 443.0051(c) Section 443.0135(e); Section 444.025(h); Section 448.011; Section 481.011; Section 481.168 Section 492.011; Section 511.015(b); Section 531.0243; Section 531.0273(b); Section 531.029; Section 531.110(f); Section 531.204; Section 552.274(b), as amended by Chapters 329 (S.B. 727) and 716 (S.B. 452), Acts of the 79th Legislature, Regular Session, 2005; Section 751.005(d) Section 752.006; Section 782.014; Section 801.203(b); Section 1231.086(a); Section 1232.069 Section 2054.034(b); Section 2112.005; Section 2152.062; Section 2152.063; Sections 2161.121(d) and (e); Section 2171.101(d); Section 2203.001; Section 2205.016; Section 2306.759.


The bill repeals the following sections of the Health and Safety Code: Section 11.017(a); Section 62.104(e); Section 93.006; Section 103.018; Section 165.034; Section 427.006; Section 532.017; Section 533.0354(d); Section 533.049(b); Section 533.050(b); Section 691.008(c); Section 1001.031.


The bill repeals the following sections of the Human Resources Code: Sections 21.011(b) and (c); Section 31.0325(d); Section 32.0246(e); Section 32.055(d); Section 33.0022; Section 40.0325(c); Section 40.0565; Section 61.033; Section 73.022(f); Section 81.006(d); Section 91.019; Section 91.053(c); Sections 101.008(a) and (c); Section 111.021(b); Section 117.031 Section 141.024; Section 141.086(i); Section 161.031.


The bill repeals Sections 402.070 and 409.012(f), Labor Code.


The bill repeals the following sections of the Natural Resources Code: Section 31.059(c); Section 31.060; Section 32.024; Section 34.0191; Section 81.055(a); Section 161.027; Section 161.131(b); Section 161.132(b).


The bill repeals the following sections of the Occupations Code: Section 153.055; Section 202.159; Sections 203.154(a) and (b); Section 205.105; Section 206.102; Section 301.160(j); Section 301.165; Section 351.164; Section 451.107; Section 452.159(a); Section 453.109; Section 501.159; Section 502.160; Section 505.208; Section 554.013; Section 605.156; Section 651.161; Sections 651.162(a) and (c); Section 701.158; Section 901.164; Section 1701.158.


The bill repeals Section 12.021, Parks and Wildlife Code. The bill repeals Sections 201.107 and 201.403(c), Transportation Code. The bill 2870 repeals the following sections of the Utilities Code: Section 13.063(a); Section 39.902(b); Section 163.002.


The repeals Sections 5.178(d) and 26.561(a), Water Code. The bill repeals Section 2.17 and Sections 2.19(c), (d), and (e), Texas Racing Act.




Upon passage, or, if the Act does not receive the necessary vote, the Act takes effect September 1, 2011.