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  82R4506 MAW-D
  By: Guillen H.B. No. 1299
  relating to the supervised reentry into the community of certain
  inmates nearing their date of discharge from the Texas Department
  of Criminal Justice.
         SECTION 1.  Subchapter E, Chapter 508, Government Code, is
  amended by adding Section 508.1491 to read as follows:
         Sec. 508.1491.  SUPERVISED REENTRY PROGRAM. (a) This
  section applies to an inmate who is eligible for release on parole
  but who has not been released on parole or to mandatory supervision
  under this chapter before the date described by Subsection (b).
         (b)  A parole panel shall order the release of an inmate to
  the supervised reentry program described by Subsection (c) on the
  later of the following dates, as determined by the actual calendar
  time the inmate has served, without consideration of good conduct
               (1)  one year before the date on which the inmate will
  discharge the inmate's sentence; or
               (2)  the date on which the inmate will have served 90
  percent of the inmate's sentence.
         (c)  The department, before an inmate is released under
  Subsection (b), shall make arrangements for the inmate's supervised
  reentry into the community. The inmate's supervised reentry
  program must:
               (1)  provide the inmate with skills necessary to ensure
  the successful reentry of the inmate into the community, including
  providing the inmate with appropriate substance abuse treatment,
  counseling, and other social service programs; and
               (2)  be coordinated with any programs in which the
  inmate is or will be participating or services the inmate is or will
  be receiving through:
                     (A)  the comprehensive reentry and reintegration
  plan under Section 501.092;
                     (B)  the reentry program for long-term inmates
  under Section 501.096; or
                     (C)  the reintegration services provided under
  Section 501.097.
         (d)  A parole panel releasing an inmate under Subsection (b)
  shall impose conditions that require the inmate to participate
  fully in all treatment and counseling programs provided by the
  department and may impose any other conditions determined by the
  panel to be appropriate. An inmate who fails to comply with a
  condition imposed under this subsection is subject to revocation or
  other sanctions in the same manner and under the same procedures as
  an inmate who fails to comply with conditions of parole or mandatory
         (e)  The period of supervised reentry is computed by
  subtracting from the term for which the inmate was sentenced the
  calendar time served on the sentence. The time served on supervised
  reentry is computed as calendar time.
         (f)  If an inmate's participation in the supervised reentry
  program is revoked, the remaining portion of the inmate's sentence
  is computed with credit for any time the inmate served in the
         SECTION 2.  The change in law made by this Act applies to any
  inmate serving a term of imprisonment in the Texas Department of
  Criminal Justice on or after the effective date of this Act,
  regardless of when the inmate was sentenced to serve that term.
         SECTION 3.  This Act takes effect September 1, 2011.