82R18345 JH-D
  By: Craddick H.C.R. No. 134
         WHEREAS, Texas is renowned for its innovative cuisine, and
  certain beloved dishes have become integral elements of the state's
  culture and folklore; one such food is chicken-fried steak, and the
  epic deliciousness of this specialty has inspired not only
  countless satisfied diners but also an enduring Lone Star legend;
         WHEREAS, For generations, Texans pondered the seemingly
  eternal mystery of who invented the chicken-fried steak; then, in
  1976, came an answer: Larry BeSaw published an article in the Austin
  American-Statesman explaining that this wondrous combination of
  beef, batter, and breading had first been dropped onto a well-oiled
  skillet in 1911 by Jimmy Don Perkins, a short-order cook at Ethel's
  Home Cooking in Lamesa, Texas; according to the published story,
  Mr. Perkins had mistakenly combined two separate orders for chicken
  and fried steak into a single culinary creation whose savory
  goodness became famous far beyond West Texas; and
         WHEREAS, The account received wider attention after being
  picked up by a syndicated columnist and was later repeated in
  publications that ranged from the Washington Post to Texas Monthly
  to trivia books; cited again and again through the years and given a
  further boost through Internet postings, the anecdote about Jimmy
  Don's handiwork earned Lamesa the enviable status of being the home
  of the chicken-fried steak; there was just one small problem: it was
  not true; and
         WHEREAS, Mr. BeSaw had created his article as a spoof, never
  intending it to be taken as fact, but the story quickly took on a
  life of its own; though the journalist has tried numerous times to
  set the record straight, the yarn continues to be widely told,
  having attained the status of a Texas tall tale; and
         WHEREAS, Not wishing to spoil a good legend, the city of
  Lamesa has embraced its role as an epicenter of epicurean
  invention; it celebrates the lore of its mythical short-order cook
  with its Chicken-fried Steak Festival, which includes a cook-off
  competition for its namesake dish in addition to live music, a
  classic car show, and numerous other activities; and
         WHEREAS, While everybody knows that honesty truly is the best
  policy, residents of the Lone Star State have long demonstrated
  their appreciation for harmless exaggeration and some good
  old-fashioned leg-pulling; in that same spirit, and because the
  Jimmy Don Perkins tale is just a darn good story, it is indeed
  appropriate that the city of Lamesa be recognized for its role in
  this imaginative and imaginary incident in Texas history; now,
  therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the 82nd Legislature of the State of Texas
  hereby declare Lamesa the Legendary Home of the Chicken-fried