82R10045 MGR-D
  By: Kolkhorst H.R. No. 636
         WHEREAS, On March 1, 2011, proud residents of Austin County
  are gathering at the State Capitol to celebrate their county's
  achievements and unique place in the history of the Lone Star State;
         WHEREAS, The area that would become Austin County was one of
  the locations settled by the initial colonists who were brought to
  Texas by Stephen F. Austin; the first English-language newspaper in
  Texas, the Gazette, was launched in 1829 in the colony's main town,
  San Felipe de Austin; this settlement played an important part in
  the Texas Revolution, briefly serving as capital of the provisional
  government; and
         WHEREAS, San Felipe became the county seat on the founding of
  Austin County in 1837 but was soon supplanted by Bellville;
  beginning in the 1830s, Czech and German immigrants settled in the
  county, establishing new lives in a new land and contributing their
  time-honored traditions and values to further enrich the culture of
  Texas; and
         WHEREAS, Today, tourism has joined agribusiness and
  manufacturing as a key component of the area's economy; the county's
  colorful past provides many splendid attractions, including the San
  Felipe de Austin State Historic Site, which includes the Stephen F.
  Austin State Visitors Center, housed in the historic J. J. Josey
  store; nearby is Stephen F. Austin State Park, an outstanding
  destination for hiking, fishing, and other recreational pursuits;
  moreover, countless travelers come to Austin County in the spring
  for the scenic vistas of bluebonnets and other wildflowers; and
         WHEREAS, The county also includes many dance halls and other
  examples of vintage architecture as well as numerous historical
  markers and cemetery designations; these sites are a credit to the
  preservation efforts of local and state historical commissions and
  serve as reminders of the traditions of area residents and events
  that have transpired over the years; and
         WHEREAS, Austin County maintains its pastoral charm and its
  many links to the past even as it prepares for the opportunities of
  the future, and it is most fitting to take this opportunity to honor
  this part of the Lone Star State and the industrious people who make
  their homes there; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 82nd Texas
  Legislature hereby recognize March 1, 2011, as Austin County Day
  and extend to its delegation sincere best wishes for an enjoyable
  and rewarding visit to the State Capitol.