82R26621 MMS-D
  By: Anchia H.R. No. 2060
         WHEREAS, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  at Dallas continues to excel at its mission of conducting
  internationally recognized research, educating leaders in the
  health field, and delivering quality medical care; and
         WHEREAS, This renowned medical center comprises three
  degree-granting institutions: the Graduate School of Biomedical
  Sciences, the Medical School, and the School of Health Professions;
         WHEREAS, The UT Southwestern Medical Center boasts a long
  history of discoveries that have changed the way the world thinks
  about the most challenging and devastating diseases and that have
  resulted in important improvements in treatment and outcomes; these
  discoveries have led to an unprecedented number of coveted national
  and international honors for UT Southwestern faculty, including
  election to membership in our nation's most prestigious medical
  research organizations; and
         WHEREAS, One measure of the esteem in which the faculty is
  held is the fact that it includes 95 percent of all men and women at
  state health-related institutions in Texas who have been accorded
  membership in the National Academy of Sciences, one of the highest
  honors attainable by an American scientist; with the recent
  election of Dr. Luis F. Parada, an expert in nerve growth and
  regeneration, to membership in the NAS and with the recruitment of
  another NAS member, Dr. Bruce Alan Beutler, an expert in medical
  genetics and immunology, the UT Southwestern faculty now includes
  20 individuals who have been inducted into the academy; and
         WHEREAS, The UT Southwestern Medical Center is also home to
  100 percent of all scientists based at state health-related
  institutions in Texas who currently hold appointment as an
  investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, a coveted
  honor that brings many millions of dollars in private grant funding
  to Texas; moreover, four researchers at the medical center have won
  the Nobel Prize, and three of its Nobel Laureates are still active
  members of the faculty; and
         WHEREAS, Through its own hospitals and through associated
  health care facilities, UT Southwestern delivers patient care that
  is among the best in the nation; U.S. News and World Report
  recently ranked the medical center number one among hospitals in
  the Dallas-Fort Worth area; the faculty and residents of the center
  care for nearly 100,000 hospitalized patients and oversee
  approximately 1.9 million outpatient visits each year, and faculty
  physicians annually provide $427 million in unreimbursed services
  to indigent patients, more than is provided by any other
  health-related institution in the state; and
         WHEREAS, UT Southwestern also plays an important role in the
  region's economy, employing 11,000 area residents, managing an
  annual operating budget of nearly $1.5 billion, and bringing to
  Texas $415 million in external research grants annually; and
         WHEREAS, Dedicated to improving health care through
  research, innovation, and education, The University of Texas
  Southwestern Medical Center is developing the next generation of
  lifesaving treatments and health care professionals, and it is
  indeed deserving of commendation for its extraordinary record of
  achievement; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 82nd Texas
  Legislature hereby honor The University of Texas Southwestern
  Medical Center at Dallas for its distinguished contributions in
  research, education, and health care and extend to all those
  associated with the institution sincere best wishes for continued
  success; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
  prepared for the UT Southwestern Medical Center as an expression of
  high regard by the Texas House of Representatives.