Supplemental House Calendar

Friday, April 15, 2011



********** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 1000             Branch / Frullo / Coleman / Button / Bonnen / et al.

Relating to the distribution of money appropriated from the national research university fund and to one or more audits of certain general academic teaching institutions in connection with that distribution.

HB 1861             Anchia

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Commission on State Emergency Communications.

HB 600              Solomons

Relating to the composition of the districts for the election of members of the State Board of Education.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 33               Branch / Patrick, Diane / Vo / Castro / Hancock / et al.

Relating to measures to increase the affordability of textbooks used for courses at public or private institutions of higher education.

HB 253              Hilderbran

Relating to the protection of children by ensuring reports of abuse or neglect, protecting children from abuse and neglect, ensuring that births are reported, and prosecuting the offense of bigamy; providing criminal penalties.

HB 588              Guillen

Relating to the advance payment of surcharges under the Driver Responsibility Program.

HB 975              Dutton

Relating to eligibility to serve on the appraisal review board of an appraisal district.

HB 1075             Anderson, Rodney / Truitt / et al.

Relating to an alert for a missing person with an intellectual developmental disability.

HB 2257             Phillips

Relating to the procurement and use of an emergency notification system by public service providers.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

SB 309              Harris

SP: Patrick, Diane

Relating to events to receive funding through a major events trust fund.

SB 458              Seliger

SP: Woolley

Relating to initial claims under the unemployment compensation system.

********** POSTPONED BUSINESS **********

HB 992              Castro

Relating to excess undergraduate credit hours at public institutions of higher education.

********** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 2499             Cook

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Department of Information Resources and the transfer of certain department functions to the comptroller of public accounts.

HB 1774             Taylor, Larry

Relating to the continuation and functions of the office of injured employee counsel under the workers' compensation program.

HB 2251             Bonnen

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Public Finance Authority.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 1148             Smith, Wayne

Relating to an exemption for certain disabled veterans from the payment of a fee for the issuance of a personal identification certificate.

HB 1206             Guillen

Relating to training for members of governing boards of public junior college districts.

HB 1325             Hartnett

Relating to payment of the costs for services of a guardian ad litem, court visitor, and attorney ad litem in a guardianship proceeding.

HB 1353             Elkins / et al.

Relating to speed limits.

HB 1614             Gooden / Pitts / Jackson, Jim

Relating to fees for process server certification.

HB 1633             Bonnen / et al.

Relating to a person's ability to read and write in English as a qualification for service as a petit juror.

HB 1806             Flynn

Relating to fishing tournament fraud; providing penalties.

HB 1917             Schwertner

Relating to the removal of appointed emergency services commissioners by a commissioners court.

HB 2582             Murphy

Relating to the repeal of the partial tax exemption for certain beer.

HB 2866             Harper-Brown

Relating to the electronic submission of certain documents to the attorney general and the submission of certain documents by the attorney general; imposing certain fees.




C.S.H.B. 600


SECTION 1.  During second reading and third reading consideration of the bill:

          (a)  No proposed amendment, amendment to the amendment, or substitute amendment changing any district is eligible for consideration unless five copies of an amendment packet prepared by the Texas Legislative Council (TLC) has been submitted to the chief clerk.  The amendment packet is not required to contain a textual description of the amendment but must include:

              (1)   maps as prepared by TLC indicating the changes made by the amendment;  and

              (2)  standard reports for the amendment prepared by TLC that indicate population, voter data, and incumbent locations for the districts affected by the amendment.

          (b)  No proposed amendment, amendment to the amendment, or substitute amendment is eligible for consideration if:

              (1)  any district in the amendment contains parts that are not contiguous; or

              (2)  adoption of the amendment would result in any unassigned or overlapping geography in the overall redistricting plan under consideration.

     SECTION 2.  An amendment packet for each original amendment that will be offered during second reading consideration of the bill must be filed with the chief clerk by 10am Wednesday, April 13, 2011.