Supplemental House Calendar

Monday, May 02, 2011



********** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR **********

SB 1420             Hinojosa / Hegar / Nichols

SP: Harper-Brown / Phillips / Pickett / Bonnen

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Department of Transportation; providing penalties.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 1390             Deshotel / Bohac

Relating to retainage under certain construction contracts.

********** POSTPONED BUSINESS **********

HB 2494             Legler / et al.

Relating to the recovery of fraudulently obtained unemployment benefits.

********** POSTPONED BUSINESS **********

HB 1089             Martinez Fischer / Garza / et al.

Relating to the authority of a county or municipality to require the removal of graffiti by a property owner.

********** POSTPONED BUSINESS **********

HB 1979             Laubenberg / Burkett

Relating to strategic partnerships for the continuation of certain water districts annexed by a municipality.

********** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 2250             Bonnen

Relating to the abolition of the Coastal Coordination Council and the transfer of its functions to the General Land Office.

HB 2608             Harper-Brown

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

********** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR **********

SB 655              Hegar

SP: Keffer

Relating to the continuation, functions, and name of the Railroad Commission of Texas.


HJR 122             Legler

Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing garnishment of wages for the recovery of fraudulently obtained unemployment benefits.

HJR 130             Branch

Meeting requirements of the United States Department of Education concerning federal student aid by naming private institutions of higher education in the State of Texas that are authorized to operate educational programs beyond secondary education, including programs leading to a degree or certificate.

HJR 137             Ritter

Proposing a constitutional amendment providing for the issuance of additional general obligation bonds by the Texas Water Development Board.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 8                Darby / Geren / Anderson, Rodney / Pitts / Menendez / et al.

Relating to prohibiting certain private transfer fees and the preservation of private real property rights; providing penalties.

HB 90               Cook

Relating to the minimum age and education requirements necessary to obtain a hardship license.

HB 123              Veasey / Alonzo

Relating to an adult diabetes education program in certain county hospital systems and hospital districts.

HB 238              Phillips / Schwertner / et al.

Relating to the issuance of "Choose Life" license plates and the creation of the Choose Life account in the general revenue fund.

HB 257              Hilderbran / Harper-Brown

Relating to the presumed abandonment of certain unclaimed personal property.

HB 300              Kolkhorst / Naishtat / et al.

Relating to the privacy of protected health information; providing administrative and civil penalties.

HB 528              Solomons

Relating to the provision of pharmaceutical services through informal and voluntary networks in the workers' compensation system; providing an administrative violation.

HB 681              Kleinschmidt / Hardcastle / Guillen / Fletcher / Geren / et al.

Relating to an employee's transportation and storage of certain firearms or ammunition while on certain property owned or controlled by the employee's employer.

HB 865              Creighton / et al.

Relating to the composition and use of money in the rural water assistance fund.

HB 945              Dukes / Coleman / et al.

Relating to the disproportionality of certain groups in the juvenile justice, child welfare, health, and mental health systems and the disproportionality of the delivery of certain services in the education system.

HB 961              Turner

Relating to the sealing of and restricting access to juvenile records of adjudications of delinquent conduct or conduct indicating a need for supervision.

HB 1009             Callegari

Relating to procedures for obtaining informed consent before certain postmortem examinations or autopsies.

HB 1389             Hopson / Shelton

Relating to the criminal penalties for the owner of a dog that attacks another person.

HB 1604             Guillen / Raymond

Relating to the regulation of subdivisions in counties, including certain border and economically distressed counties.

HB 1700             Coleman / Chisum / Hopson / Darby / et al.

Relating to employment of physicians by certain hospitals.

HB 1720             Davis, John

Relating to improving health care provider accountability and efficiency under the child health plan and Medicaid programs.

HB 1723             Lucio III

Relating to the penalties prescribed for a single violation or repeated violations of certain court orders or conditions of bond in a family violence case.

HB 1816             Howard, Charlie / Reynolds / Cook / et al.

Relating to the vaccination against bacterial meningitis of first-time students at public and private or independent institutions of higher education.

HB 1971             Jackson, Jim / et al.

Relating to the liability of a landowner for harm to a trespasser.

HB 1942             Patrick, Diane / Shelton / Strama / Eissler / Guillen / et al.

Relating to bullying in public schools.

HB 1992             Hardcastle

Relating to the authority of the Texas Animal Health Commission to set and collect fees.

HB 2232             Smith, Wayne

Relating to the operation, powers, and duties of ship channel districts.

HB 2366             Truitt

Relating to the authority of an open-enrollment charter school operated by a municipality to give a preference in admissions to children of employees of the municipality.

HB 2400             Miller, Doug

Relating to the powers and duties of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and other entities regarding water and sewer utilities and certain conservation and reclamation districts.

HB 2470             Phillips

Relating to the regulation of sport bikes.

HB 2610             Guillen / Hopson / Dukes

Relating to the establishment of a community-based navigator program to assist individuals applying or seeking to apply through the Internet for certain public assistance benefits programs.

HB 2620             Hancock

Relating to communications services and markets.

HB 2671             Miles

Relating to the disclosure of personal information under the Motor Vehicle Records Disclosure Act.

HB 2761             Garza / Howard, Charlie

Relating to meetings and records of certain property owners' associations.

HB 2735             Madden

Relating to procedures for certain persons charged with an administrative violation of a condition of release from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice on parole or to mandatory supervision.

HB 2826             Murphy / Coleman

Relating to the issuance of a certificate for a municipal setting designation.

HB 2940             King, Tracy O.

Relating to the form of death certificates and fetal death certificates.

HB 2963             Crownover

Relating to deadlines for the Railroad Commission of Texas to review certain applications for surface coal mining operation permits.

HB 2973             Hunter / Raymond

Relating to encouraging public participation by citizens by protecting a person's right to petition, right of free speech, and right of association from meritless lawsuits arising from actions taken in furtherance of those rights.

HB 2902             Zerwas

Relating to the release of extraterritorial jurisdiction by certain general-law municipalities.

HB 2969             Oliveira

Relating to authorizing the sale of certain real property held by certain state agencies.

HB 3096             Kolkhorst

Relating to the cancellation of a subdivision by a commissioners court.

HB 3132             Geren

Relating to the membership, powers, and duties of the State Preservation Board.

HB 3182             Ritter

Relating to the imposition of state taxes, including the sales and use, motor vehicle sales and use, and hotel occupancy tax, on certain oilfield portable units.

HB 3573             King, Susan / Garza / Giddings / Workman

Relating to limiting the disclosure of certain information regarding certain charitable organizations, trusts, private foundations, and grant-making organizations.

HB 3311             Carter

Relating to the duty of an attorney ad litem appointed for a child to meet with the child or individual with whom the child resides before each court hearing.

HB 3395             Callegari

Relating to state purchasing preferences for recycled products.

HB 3468             Patrick, Diane / Branch

Relating to the assessment of public school students for college readiness and developmental education courses to prepare students for college-level coursework.

HB 3506             Villarreal

Relating to the use of transportation allotment funds by school districts to provide bus passes or cards to certain students.