Supplemental House Calendar

Saturday, May 21, 2011



********** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR **********

SB 31               Seliger

SP: Solomons

Relating to the composition of the districts for the election of members of the Texas Senate.

SB 1811             Duncan

SP: Pitts

Relating to certain state fiscal matters; providing penalties.


SB 1662             West / et al.

SP: Turner

Relating to the payment of costs associated with certain educational programs of Prairie View A&M University.

********** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR **********

SB 20               Williams / et al.

SP: Strama

Relating to a grant program for certain natural gas motor vehicles.


SJR 16              Estes / et al.

SP: Ritter

Proposing a constitutional amendment providing for the appraisal for ad valorem tax purposes of open-space land devoted to water-stewardship purposes on the basis of its productive capacity.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

SB 350              Williams

SP: Truitt

Relating to the restructuring of fund obligations and accounts of the Texas Municipal Retirement System and related actuarial and accounting procedures.

SB 341              Uresti / et al.

SP: Menendez / Larson

Relating to authorizing the dissolution of the Bexar Metropolitan Water District; providing a penalty.

SB 889              Carona

SP: Davis, Sarah

Relating to assignment of rents to holders of certain security interests in real property.

SB 181              Shapiro / Seliger / Watson / et al.

SP: Laubenberg / Creighton / Branch

Relating to the calculation and reporting of water usage by municipalities and water utilities for state water planning and other purposes.

SB 271              Uresti

SP: Menendez / Larson

Relating to the board of directors of the Bexar Metropolitan Water District.

SB 267              Williams / et al.

SP: Elkins

Relating to a joint statement regarding the transfer of a motor vehicle as the result of a gift.

SB 367              Ogden

SP: Cook

Relating to the review by the attorney general of invoices related to legal services provided to state agencies by outside counsel.

SB 680              Gallegos

SP: Woolley

Relating to a fee collected by a district clerk for certain certified copies.

SB 859              Duncan / Hegar / Nelson

SP: Smithee

Relating to small and large employer health group cooperatives.

SB 1167             Carona

SP: Hernandez Luna

Relating to cemeteries and perpetual care cemetery corporations; providing a penalty.

SB 29               Zaffirini

SP: Branch

Relating to the eligibility of certain postdoctoral fellows and graduate students to participate in health benefit programs at public institutions of higher education.

SB 385              Williams / et al.

SP: Otto / Smith, Wayne / Chisum / Anchia / Burkett

Relating to the creation of an alternative fuel program to be funded by the Texas emissions reduction plan fund.

SB 1000             Eltife / Hinojosa / Van de Putte / Williams / et al.

SP: Geren / Thompson / Hamilton / Darby / Otto / et al.

Relating to self-directed and semi-independent status of the Texas Real Estate Commission; making an appropriation.

SB 1030             Carona

SP: Anchia

Relating to notice by sign requirement for sexually oriented businesses.

SB 1035             Williams

SP: Harless

Relating to motor vehicle title services; providing penalties.

SB 1124             Carona

SP: Truitt / Solomons

Relating to licensing and regulation of certain persons involved in residential mortgage lending pursuant to the Texas Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2009; providing penalties.

SB 1534             Shapiro

SP: Davis, John

Relating to the operation and certification of career schools or colleges.

SB 1732             Van de Putte

SP: Guillen

Relating to authorizing the adjutant general to operate post exchanges on state military property.

SB 1010             Huffman / et al.

SP: Workman / Lucio III / Gallego

Relating to providing a victim, guardian of a victim, or close relative of a deceased victim with notice of a plea bargain agreement in certain criminal cases.

SB 1596             Wentworth

SP: Isaac

Relating to changes in participation in public utility agencies.

SB 1134             Hegar

SP: Craddick

Relating to the issuance of permits for certain facilities regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

SB 449              Watson / Estes / et al.

SP: Ritter

Relating to the appraisal for ad valorem tax purposes of open-space land devoted to water stewardship purposes on the basis of its productive capacity.

SB 377              Huffman / Patrick / et al.

SP: Riddle / Gallego / Burkett / Hartnett / Carter

Relating to the murder of a child as a capital offense.

SB 425              Carona / et al.

SP: Hancock

Relating to property and casualty certificates of insurance and approval of property and casualty certificate of insurance forms by the Texas Department of Insurance; providing penalties.

SB 479              Estes

SP: Miller, Sid

Relating to limiting the liability of certain persons for farm animal activities.

SB 554              Carona / et al.

SP: Lozano

Relating to contracts between dentists and health maintenance organizations or insurers.

SB 577              Duncan

SP: Frullo

Relating to the use of facsimile signatures for certain documents involving certain municipalities.

SB 1489             Whitmire / et al.

SP: Madden

Relating to educational, juvenile justice, and criminal justice responses to truancy.

SB 958              Wentworth

SP: Larson

Relating to the regulation of dangerous wild animals.

SB 1020             Rodriguez

SP: Marquez

Relating to a feasibility study regarding the establishment of a dental school at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso.

SB 249              Estes

SP: Orr

Relating to the composition of the Finance Commission of Texas.

SB 594              Van de Putte / et al.

SP: Zerwas

Relating to certain procedures applicable to electronic prescriptions for Schedule II controlled substances.

SB 762              Carona

SP: Paxton

Relating to the transfer of an ad valorem tax lien; providing for the imposition of an administrative penalty.

SB 898              Carona

SP: Cook

Relating to energy efficiency programs in institutions of higher education and certain governmental entities.

SB 924              Carona

SP: Keffer

Relating to energy efficiency reports by municipally owned utilities and electric cooperatives.

SB 1681             Ellis

SP: Thompson / Gallego / Alonzo

Relating to the appointment of counsel and the rights of an accused and other requirements for the purposes of appellate proceedings or community supervision revocation proceedings.

SB 901              Hegar

SP: Kolkhorst

Relating to approval from the Department of State Health Services for disposal of ambulances purchased with certain grant funds.

SB 1133             Hegar

SP: Harless

Relating to a report by the Public Utility Commission of Texas on the ability of electric generators to respond to abnormal weather conditions.

SB 19               Nichols / et al.

SP: Smith, Wayne

Relating to the development, financing, construction, and operation of certain toll projects.

SB 1484             Shapiro

SP: Strama

Relating to authorizing open-enrollment charter schools to be awarded academic distinction designations.

SB 1342             Seliger

SP: Geren

Relating to the use of bingo proceeds by licensed authorized organizations, including the use of proceeds to provide health insurance or health insurance benefits to certain employees.

SB 1368             West

SP: Deshotel

Relating to the authority of a co-owner of residential property to encumber the property.

SB 738              Shapiro

SP: Villarreal

Relating to a parental role in determining sanctions applied to a public school campus under certain circumstances.




C.S.S.B. 1811


Each original amendment to C.S.S.B. 1811 that will be offered during second reading consideration must be filed with the chief clerk not later than  2 p.m. on Tuesday, May 17, 2011.