Congratulatory And Memorial Calendar

Thursday, May 05, 2011
10:00 AM




HR 1404             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Jacklyn Nicole Sims Lackey and Christopher Blake Lackey on their wedding.

HR 1470             Carter

Honoring Officer Jason Voelz of the Garland Police Department for his public service.

HR 1471             Carter

Honoring Lieutenant Colonel Michael D. Hess for his service to Texas and the United States.

HR 1472             Hughes

Honoring Gail Green of Tyler for her service to U.S. Senator Phil Gramm and U.S. Senator John Cornyn.

HR 1473             Hughes

Congratulating Colby Nichols of Quitman on his receipt of the FFA Lone Star Farmer degree.

HR 1474             Hughes

Honoring Cody Olsen of Winnsboro High School on his selection as a 2011 Texas All-State Band member.

HR 1475             Hughes

Honoring Josh Hooks of Winnsboro High School on his selection as a 2011 Texas All-State Band member.

HR 1476             Hughes

Honoring Stephanie Parris of Winnsboro High School on her selection as a 2011 Texas All-State Band member.

HR 1477             Hughes

Congratulating John Callison of Mineola High School on his receipt of the 2010 Teacher of the Year award from the Mineola Chamber of Commerce.

HR 1478             Hughes

Congratulating Gayland Howell on his receipt of the 2010 Man of the Year and B. R. Short Community Spirit awards from the Mineola Chamber of Commerce.

HR 1479             Hughes

Congratulating Ann Alotto on her receipt of the 2010 Woman of the Year and Humanitarian of the Year awards from the Mineola Chamber of Commerce.

HR 1480             Hughes

Congratulating Ronnie and Vicki Buchanan of Hallsville on their 50th wedding anniversary.

HR 1481             Hughes

Congratulating Deputy Sam Threadgill on being named the 2010 Officer of the Year for Wood County.

HR 1482             Hughes

Congratulating Gay Smith Hill of Golden on being named Mrs. Wood County International of 2011.

HR 1489             Nash

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington.

HR 1491             Flynn

Congratulating Amanda Rucker of Grand Saline High School on her selection as MVP of the 8th Annual Azalea Orthopedics All-Stars Basketball Game.

HR 1492             Flynn

Congratulating Leetta Goolsby of Hawk Cove on the city park being named in her honor.

HR 1493             Zedler

Honoring Lou Spiegel on her retirement as associate superintendent for business and governmental relations of the Mansfield Independent School District.

HR 1494             Zedler

Honoring Gale Moericke for his service on the Mansfield Independent School District Board of Trustees.

HR 1495             Zedler

Honoring Scott Snow for his service on the Mansfield Independent School District Board of Trustees.

HR 1500             Gallego

Commemorating the 110th anniversary of Sacred Heart Catholic School in Del Rio.

HR 1509             Woolley

Congratulating Jerry Johnston Andrew of Houston on the honor she received from The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research Foundation and TIRR Family.

HR 1511             Taylor, Larry

Commemorating the inaugural session of the American Baptist Southeast District Association at Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of League City.

HR 1512             Patrick, Diane / Villarreal / Eissler / Branch / Gonzales, Veronica

Honoring Teach For America founder and native Texan Wendy Kopp.

HR 1513             Martinez, "Mando"

Commemorating the Second Annual Cinco de Mayo BBQ Cook-Off and Fiesta in San Juan.

HR 1514             Farrar

Commemorating the 2011 Cinco de Mayo celebration at Eugene Field Elementary School in Houston.

HR 1517             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Lyndsi Fallin Massie Sykora and Dustin Ray Sykora on their wedding.

HR 1518             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating the members of the Heart of Texas Volleyball Institute 12-and-under team on winning the Austin Sports Center No. 3 Tournament.

HR 1519             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Shannon Marie Sutton Goss and Christopher Steven Goss of Waco on their wedding.

HR 1521             Gonzales, Veronica

Congratulating Gloria Galvan of McAllen on her selection as the 2010-2011 Faculty Representative of the Year by the Texas Classroom Teachers Association.

HR 1522             Gonzales, Veronica

Congratulating Jose Ramirez Castilleja of McAllen on his 73rd birthday.

HR 1523             Gonzales, Veronica

Honoring Dr. Carl Seale on the occasion of the Valley Symphony Orchestra and Chorale Red Bow Concerto Gala on April 30, 2011.

HR 1524             Gonzales, Veronica

Congratulating Patty Fallek on being named a Shining Star of Hidalgo County by the Zonta Club for her contributions to the community.

HR 1525             Gonzales, Veronica

Congratulating Edna Posada on being named a Shining Star of Hidalgo County by the Zonta Club for her professional contributions to the community.

HR 1526             Gonzales, Veronica

Congratulating Jose Ramirez Castilleja of McAllen on his 73rd birthday.

HR 1527             Gonzales, Veronica

Congratulating Mariella Gorena on being named a Shining Star of Hidalgo County by the Zonta Club for her contributions to youth and education.

HR 1528             Gonzales, Veronica

Recognizing Dylan Killelea for his accomplishments in the sport of motocross.

HR 1529             Gonzales, Veronica

Congratulating ERO Architects of McAllen, along with chief executive officer Eli Ochoa and chief designer Manuel Hinojosa, on the receipt of awards during 2010 and 2011.

HR 1530             Aliseda

Commemorating the 125th anniversary of the United States Post Office in Poteet.

HR 1540             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating U.S. Army Private Larry Mathis, Jr., on graduating from the advanced individual training course for his specialty in field artillery automated tactical data systems.

HR 1541             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Meghan Mullens on her election as president of the Greater Waco Aggie Club.

HR 1542             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating U.S. Army Private William L. Kerley of Waco on graduating from the advanced individual training course for his specialty in automated tactical data systems for field artillery.

HR 1543             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Army National Guard Specialist Stefan M. Bernard on graduating from the Infantryman One Station Unit Training at Fort Benning.

HR 1544             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Hunter Fritscher of Crawford High School for his achievements at the Texas High School Powerlifting Association regional and state championship powerlifting meets.

HR 1545             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Midway High School students Taylor Mattson, Emily Neubert, and Suzanne Stricker on winning the local Voice of Democracy contest sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

HR 1547             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Kenneth and Geneva Bolen of Waco on their 50th wedding anniversary.

HR 1549             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Jennifer Alyssa Naylor and Matthew Aaron Biles on their engagement.

HR 1551             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Brandon and Lyndsey Terry of Lorena on their marriage.

HR 1552             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Melissa Jade Bennett and Stephen Kyle Jones on their impending nuptials.

HR 1554             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Congratulating Randall Dossey, Carolyn Meyer, and Judy Padgett on their receipt of the Extra Mile Award from Midway Independent School District in McLennan County.

HR 1556             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

Honoring Letha Avery of Waco on her 100th birthday.

HR 1558             Branch

Honoring 101-year-old Texas Christian University alumna Margie Nance Frost of Dallas.

HR 1559             Creighton

Congratulating John and Suebeth Burge of Conroe on their 53rd wedding anniversary and honoring them for their contributions to the community.

HR 1560             Creighton

Commending members of Citizens Residents Oppose Wells for their efforts to protect the groundwater supply in Montgomery County.

HR 1562             Kleinschmidt

Honoring Monsignor Harry Mazurkiewicz of La Grange on the 60th anniversary of his ordination.

HR 1563             Phillips

Honoring Texas Department of Transportation executive director Amadeo Saenz, Jr., for his service.

HR 1564             Phillips

Honoring Steven E. Simmons, deputy executive director of the Texas Department of Transportation, for his service.

HR 1565             Guillen

Congratulating Pat Campos on her retirement from the Webb County Juvenile Department.

HR 1566             Kolkhorst

Commemorating the 121st annual Brenham Maifest and honoring the celebration's junior and senior royalty.

HR 1567             Lozano

Congratulating Special Ranger Thomas R. "Hap" Roberts on his retirement from the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association.

HR 1568             Lozano

Honoring Alex G. Leal on his retirement from a long and accomplished career as a high school football coach in the Rio Grande Valley.

HR 1569             Lozano

Honoring Cindy Gonzales for her service as a member of the Kenedy County Commissioners Court.

HR 1572             Hilderbran

Congratulating Clarabelle Snodgrass of Kerrville on earning the 2010 Governor's Award for Historic Preservation from the Texas Historical Commission.

HR 1573             Flynn

Recognizing the city of Edgewood as a wedding destination.

HR 1575             Schwertner

Congratulating Crawford L. Shield of Georgetown on attaining the rank of Eagle Scout.

HR 1576             Schwertner

Congratulating Michael Thomas Volling, Jr., of Georgetown on attaining the rank of Eagle Scout.

HR 1577             Schwertner

Congratulating Jack and Kay Huffman on their 50th wedding anniversary.

HR 1581             Hughes

Congratulating Dr. Mark Neeley of the First Baptist Church of Mineola on his receipt of the Lou Mallory Historical Preservation Award.

HR 1582             Sheets

Honoring the Lake Highlands Military Moms for its work in behalf of area men and women serving in the U.S. military and for its support of Lake Highlands military families.

********** MEMORIAL RESOLUTIONS **********

HR 809              Gutierrez

In memory of U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Calvin B. Harrison of Coldspring.

HR 958              Hunter

In memory of Diana Maria Kirby of Rockport.

HR 1468             Margo / et al.

In memory of Roy Franklin Lewis of El Paso.

HR 1469             Margo

In memory of Igor Kaleri of El Paso.

HR 1484             Veasey

In memory of former Fort Worth Independent School District assistant athletic director Gerald Beal.

HR 1487             Pena

In memory of Jorge Saenz of Elsa.

HR 1488             Nash

In memory of Lawrence Alvin Allen, Sr., of Houston.

HR 1496             Gallego

In memory of Jose De Jesus Sanchez of Presidio.

HR 1497             Gallego

In memory of Willard Lowell Hendershott of Alpine.

HR 1498             Gallego

In memory of Debra Ann Sontag of Del Rio.

HR 1499             Gallego

In memory of Robert Paul McFarland of Alpine.

HR 1501             Gallego

In memory of Fred Shely.

HR 1502             Gallego

In memory of Olivia Vallejo Calderon.

HR 1503             Gallego

In memory of Francisco "Pancho" Romero Leyva of Alpine.

HR 1504             Gallego

In memory of Virginia Loraine Baker of Alpine.

HR 1505             Gallego

In memory of Alberto E. Brito of Presidio.

HR 1510             Miles

In memory of Glenda Purham-Brown of Houston.

HR 1515             Martinez, "Mando"

In memory of William Summers of Weslaco.

HR 1531             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Thomas Emmett Davenport.

HR 1532             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Anthony Dane Schaefer of Waco.

HR 1533             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Carie Jean Dodson Buck of Waco.

HR 1534             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Jessie Faye Johnson of Waco.

HR 1535             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Donna Ann Shelton.

HR 1536             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Mark Scot Lansdown of West.

HR 1537             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Frances Louise Reinke of Waco.

HR 1538             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of John Edwin Horn of Lorena.

HR 1539             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Willie Lee Whitlow of Beverly Hills, Texas.

HR 1546             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Miriam Simmons of Waco.

HR 1548             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Alice Marie Hamilton of Waco.

HR 1550             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Dorothy Hightower of Waco.

HR 1553             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Delton Ferrell Steed of Waco.

HR 1555             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Patricia E. Barkley of Robinson.

HR 1557             Anderson, Charles "Doc"

In memory of Maureen Pruitt of Woodway.

HR 1561             Darby

In memory of Dr. Theron Karman Weatherby of San Angelo.

HR 1570             Margo

In memory of Dorr M. Miller of El Paso.