Monday, May 02, 2011




********** SENATE AMENDMENTS **********

Senate amendment printings:

ELIGIBLE AT 11:50 AM MAY 3, 2011:

HB 906              Thompson

Relating to appointments made in and the appeal of certain suits affecting the parent-child relationship.
     1 Amendment, consisting of 2 pages total.

ELIGIBLE AT 3:10 PM MAY 3, 2011:

HB 1956             Thompson

Relating to appeal of an order of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission or the commission's administrator refusing, canceling, or suspending a license or permit.
     1 Amendment, consisting of 1 page total.

ELIGIBLE AT 4:00 PM MAY 3, 2011:

HB 600              Solomons

Relating to the composition of the districts for the election of members of the State Board of Education.
     Committee Substitute, consisting of 77 pages total.