Wednesday, May 18, 2011




********** SENATE AMENDMENTS **********

Senate amendment printings:

ELIGIBLE AT 8:50 PM MAY 14, 2011:

HB 2014             Thompson / Branch / Raymond / Davis, Sarah / Bonnen / et al.

Relating to certain criminal and civil consequences of trafficking of persons, compelling prostitution, and certain other related criminal offenses and to the prevention, prosecution, and punishment of those offenses.
     Committee Substitute, consisting of 15 pages total.

ELIGIBLE AT 5:50 PM MAY 16, 2011:

HB 1840             Phillips / Hunter / Aliseda / Pitts / Laubenberg

Relating to the creation and functions of the Texas Grain Producer Indemnity Board.
     1 Amendment, consisting of 3 pages total.

ELIGIBLE AT 2:50 PM MAY 17, 2011:

HB 1286             Howard, Donna / Hochberg / et al.

Relating to adoption of rules by the University Interscholastic League.
     3 Amendments, consisting of 6 pages total.

ELIGIBLE AT 5:30 PM MAY 17, 2011:

HB 413              Aycock

Relating to the confidentiality of certain information held by a veterinarian.
     1 Amendment, consisting of 1 page total.

ELIGIBLE AT 5:50 PM MAY 17, 2011:

HB 275              Pitts / Giddings / Otto / Riddle / Aycock / et al.

Relating to making an appropriation of money from the economic stabilization fund for expenditure during the current state fiscal biennium.
     Committee Substitute, consisting of 1 page total.

ELIGIBLE AT 6:10 PM MAY 17, 2011:

HB 1123             Dutton

Relating to the regulation of athlete agents; providing administrative and criminal penalties.
     1 Amendment, consisting of 1 page total.

ELIGIBLE AT 6:30 PM MAY 17, 2011:

HB 1146             Kuempel / et al.

Relating to the registration and regulation of appraisal management companies; providing penalties.
     Committee Substitute, consisting of 31 pages total.

ELIGIBLE AT 2:20 PM MAY 18, 2011:

HB 3726             Guillen

Relating to the preservation and maintenance of the Alamo by the General Land Office.
     Committee Substitute, consisting of 7 pages total.

ELIGIBLE AT 2:30 PM MAY 18, 2011:

HB 943              Dukes

Relating to reporting requirements concerning missing persons, including missing children in the managing conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services.
     Committee Substitute, consisting of 5 pages total.

HB 2154             Eiland / Torres

Relating to certain continuing education requirements for agents who sell annuities.
     Committee Substitute, consisting of 1 page total.

ELIGIBLE AT 2:50 PM MAY 18, 2011:

HB 345              Kleinschmidt

Relating to limitations on awards in an adjudication brought against a local governmental entity for breach of contract.
     Committee Substitute, consisting of 2 pages total.

ELIGIBLE AT 3:10 PM MAY 18, 2011:

HB 1136             Aycock

Relating to requiring an election authority to provide notice to certain county chairs regarding certain election activities.
     Committee Substitute, consisting of 2 pages total.



********** CONFERENCE COMMITTEE **********

The Senate requests the appointment of a conference committee on:

SB 201              Uresti / et al.

SP: Callegari

Relating to the calculation of ad valorem taxes on the residence homestead of a 100 percent or totally disabled veteran for the tax year in which the veteran qualifies or ceases to qualify for an exemption from taxation of the homestead.
(Senate Conferees: Uresti, Ch./Wentworth/Williams/Birdwell/Hinojosa)

SB 316              Whitmire / et al.

SP: Gallego

Relating to criminal asset forfeiture, the disposition of proceeds and property from criminal asset forfeiture, and accountability for that disposition; providing civil penalties.
(Senate Conferees: Whitmire, Ch./Carona/Hegar/Hinojosa/Huffman)

SB 321              Hegar / Birdwell / et al.

SP: Kleinschmidt

Relating to an employee's transportation and storage of certain firearms or ammunition while on certain property owned or controlled by the employee's employer.
(Senate Conferees: Hegar, Ch./Patrick/Wentworth/Whitmire/Birdwell)

SB 1087             Carona

SP: Hilderbran

Relating to state-issued certificates of franchise authority to provide cable service and video service.
(Senate Conferees: Carona, Ch./Eltife/Lucio/Watson/Van de Putte)