Local and Uncontested Bills for 3/24/2011


The following bills have been certified for placement on the Local & Uncontested Calendar to be held Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 8:30 AM.

SCR 11 (LC)Hegar

Designating May 22 of each year from 2011 through 2020 as William Elmo Merrem Day in honor of the first Eagle Scout from Texas.

SCR 16 (LC)Nelson/ Davis/ Huffman/ Shapiro/ Van de Putte/ et al.

Designating the month of March each year from 2011 through 2020 as Women Veterans Month in tribute to the immeasurable contributions that women in the military have made to this nation.

SB 37 (LC)Zaffirini/ et al.

Relating to the duration of the interagency task force on ensuring appropriate care settings for persons with disabilities.

SB 61 (CS) (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to juvenile case managers.

SB 72 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to streamlining of and utilization management in Medicaid long-term care waiver programs.

SB 77 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to certain requirements for certain sponsoring organizations and other institutions participating in the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

SB 80 (LC)Nelson

Relating to public health laboratories administered by the Department of State Health Services.

SB 101 (CS) (LC)Van de Putte/ et al.

Relating to the regulation of nonjudicial foreclosure on residences owned by certain members of the military, including foreclosure by a property owners' association.

SB 132 (LC)Wentworth

Relating to registration with the Selective Service System of certain applicants for a driver's license or personal identification certificate.

SB 193 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to the regulation of the practice of nursing.

SB 221 (LC)Nelson

Relating to the Department of Family and Protective Services, including protective services and investigations of alleged abuse, neglect, or exploitation for certain adults who are elderly or disabled; providing a criminal penalty.

SB 228 (LC)Nelson/ et al.

Relating to reporting requirements for institutions of higher education conducting human stem cell research.

SB 250 (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to protective orders for stalking victims.

SB 256 (LC)Nelson

Relating to requiring a private autopsy facility to post a notice for filing a complaint against a physician; providing a penalty.

SB 279 (LC)Davis

Relating to inclusion of pets and other companion animals in protective orders; providing a penalty.

SB 282 (CS) (LC)Zaffirini/ et al.

Relating to eliminating certain reporting, planning, student developmental, and other requirements imposed on the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board or public institutions of higher education.

SB 283 (LC)Harris

Relating to the appointment of associate judges in child protective services cases.

SB 286 (LC)Harris

Relating to attorney's fees and other amounts taxed as costs in guardianship proceedings.

SB 333 (LC)Fraser

Relating to election procedures and qualifications of members of boards of directors for water supply or sewer service corporations.

SB 335 (LC)Fraser

Relating to an exemption from regulation as health spas for certain governmental hospitals and clinics.

SB 351 (LC)Williams/ et al.

Relating to the maximum capacity of a container of wine sold to a retail dealer.

SB 360 (LC)Fraser

Relating to the composition and use of money in the rural water assistance fund.

SB 398 (LC)Duncan

Relating to the board of hospital managers of the Lubbock County Hospital District.

SB 400 (LC)Shapiro/ et al.

Relating to the entities eligible to make purchases using the cooperative purchasing program administered by the comptroller.

SB 439 (LC)Van de Putte

Relating to an exclusion from unemployment compensation chargebacks for certain employers of uniformed service members.

SB 458 (LC)Seliger

Relating to initial claims under the unemployment compensation system.

SB 481 (LC)Harris

Relating to the removal of a guardian of an incapacitated person ordered by a court.

SB 485 (LC)Huffman

Relating to proper venue for certain criminal prosecutions of mortgage fraud.

SB 488 (CS) (LC)Van de Putte

Relating to criminal background checks on users of online dating services and to disclosures of online dating safety measures; providing a civil penalty.

SB 490 (LC)Fraser

Relating to the Hamilton County Hospital District.

SB 494 (LC)Fraser

Relating to the authority of certain local governmental entities to borrow money for a public hospital.

SB 502 (LC)West

Relating to determinations of paternity; creating an offense.

SB 503 (LC)Jackson

Relating to coverage for certain towing and storage expenses under a motor vehicle insurance policy.

SB 542 (CS) (LC)Hegar

Relating to the regulation of law enforcement officers by the Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education.

SB 543 (LC)Hegar

Relating to a probate fee exemption for estates of certain law enforcement officers, firefighters, and others killed in the line of duty.

SB 545 (CS) (LC)Seliger

Relating to employment records for law enforcement officers, including procedures to correct employment termination reports; providing an administrative penalty.

SB 558 (LC)Duncan

Relating to the Swisher Memorial Hospital District.

SB 559 (LC)Duncan

Relating to the Rankin County Hospital District.

SB 563 (LC)Jackson

Relating to information regarding job matching services provided by the Texas Workforce Commission; providing a criminal penalty.

SB 567 (LC)Williams

Relating to the Texas Life, Accident, Health, and Hospital Service Insurance Guaranty Association.

SB 582 (LC)Harris/ et al.

Relating to service of process on certain domestic and foreign entities for the collection of delinquent property taxes.

SB 594 (LC)Van de Putte/ et al.

Relating to certain procedures applicable to electronic prescriptions for Schedule II controlled substances.

SB 633 (LC)Hinojosa

Relating to the educational scope of Texas A&M University--Corpus Christi.

SB 638 (CS) (LC)Jackson

Relating to the computation of a surplus credit for certain successor employing units.

SB 716 (CS) (LC)Harris

Relating to the periodic review of the child support guidelines.

SB 761 (CS) (LC)West

Relating to the employment of physicians by certain hospitals associated with nonprofit fraternal organizations.

SB 764 (LC)Williams

Relating to a prohibition against use of school district resources for a hotel.

SB 785 (CS) (LC)Harris

Relating to the termination of the parent-child relationship and the duty to pay child support in circumstances involving mistaken paternity.

SB 792 (LC)Duncan

Relating to the duties of the secretary of state.

SB 799 (LC)Nelson

Relating to the definition of "first sale" for purposes of the taxes imposed on certain liquor.

SB 850 (CS) (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to formula funding for certain semester credit hours earned for dual course credit.

SB 851 (CS) (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to a uniform deadline for student financial assistance for public institutions of higher education other than public junior colleges.

SB 859 (LC)Duncan/ Hegar/ Nelson

Relating to small and large employer health group cooperatives.

SB 886 (LC)Carona

Relating to the execution docket and other records of certain court clerks.

SB 890 (LC)Carona

Relating to certain promotional activities for certain alcoholic beverage permit holders.

SB 892 (LC)Carona

Relating to the approval of designs, plans, and specifications of industrialized housing and buildings.

SB 918 (LC)Wentworth

Relating to immunity for reporting insurance fraud.

SB 944 (LC)Jackson

Relating to the creation of an advisory committee to make recommendations to the commissioner of insurance regarding certain automobile insurance claims.

SB 983 (LC)Carona

Relating to the elimination of certain requirements for certain customer-specific communications contracts.