Local and Uncontested Bills for 5/12/2011


The following bills have been certified for placement on the Local & Uncontested Calendar to be held Thursday, May 12, 2011 at 8:00 AM.

HB 11 (LC)Cook/ Hilderbran/ Kolkhorst/ Schwertner/ Lozano/ et al. SP: Eltife

Relating to reports filed with the comptroller regarding certain alcoholic beverage sales; providing a penalty.

HB 610 (LC)Zerwas/ Murphy/ Callegari/ et al. SP: Seliger

Relating to certain notices sent by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

HB 734 (LC)Patrick, Diane/ et al. SP: Nelson

Relating to the jurisdiction of constitutional county courts over truancy cases and the appointment of magistrates to hear truancy cases in certain counties.

HB 841 (LC)Gonzalez, Naomi SP: Harris

Relating to certain statutory references to the Department of Family and Protective Services.

HB 965 (LC)Callegari/ Creighton SP: Hegar

Relating to continuing education requirements for persons holding licenses issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

HB 1064 (LC)Pitts/ Cook/ Shelton/ Anderson, Charles "Doc" SP: Eltife/ et al.

Relating to exempting certain customers from certain demand charges by transmission and distribution utilities.

HB 1300 (LC)Guillen/ Frullo/ Farias SP: Eltife

Relating to funding for state sites and programs of the Parks and Wildlife Department through private contributions and partnerships and to commercial advertising on certain state sites.

HB 1404 (LC)Sheffield/ Legler/ Riddle/ Fletcher/ Berman SP: Harris

Relating to certain temporary orders in a suit affecting the parent-child relationship during a parent's military deployment.

HB 1832 (LC)Ritter SP: Williams

Relating to the law governing the Lower Neches Valley Authority; providing authority to issue bonds.

HB 1889 (LC)Burkett SP: Deuell

Relating to the creation of municipal courts of record in the city of Mesquite.

HB 1901 (LC)Keffer SP: Birdwell

Relating to the applicability of provisions concerning bond approval by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to certain water entities.

HB 1952 (LC)Kuempel SP: Eltife

Relating to alcoholic beverage seller-servers and to seller training programs.

HB 1953 (LC)Kuempel SP: Eltife

Relating to notice by sign of an alcoholic beverage permit or license application.

HB 2131 (LC)Geren/ Solomons/ et al. SP: Eltife

Relating to the issuance of a pass for expedited access to the State Capitol.

HB 2503 (LC)Thompson SP: Eltife

Relating to insurance agent licenses issued to certain foreign corporations and partnerships.

HB 2831 (LC)Darby SP: Eltife/ et al.

Relating to maximizing federal funding of extended unemployment benefits.

SB 1643 (LC)Uresti

Relating to mandatory dismissal deadlines and extended jurisdiction in suits affecting the parent-child relationship to which the Department of Family and Protective Services is a party.

SB 1895 (LC)Hegar

Relating to director elections and powers of the Texana Groundwater Conservation District.

SB 1926 (LC)Lucio

Relating to the Colonel H. William "Bill" Card, Jr., Outpatient Clinic.