Regular Order of Business for 3/31/2011



March 31, 2011


(Calendar Order)


(Second Reading)

SJR 18 Eltife

Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to appropriations for the preservation and perpetuation of certain items of historical value; allowing the legislature and state agencies to accept on behalf of the state gifts of items of historical value and contributions to purchase such items.

SJR 28 (CS) (LC)Rodriguez

Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to the provision of parks and recreational facilities by conservation and reclamation districts in El Paso County.

SJR 26 (LC)West

Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to allow cities or counties to enter into interlocal contracts with other cities or counties without the imposition of a tax or the provision of a sinking fund.


(Second Reading)

SCR 10 (LC)Ellis/ et al.

Designating February 21 through 27 of each year from 2011 through 2020 as Barbara Jordan Freedom Week.

SCR 18 (A) (LC)Hegar

Designating a portion of the city of Gonzales as the official Texas History Museum District.

SCR 20 (LC)Fraser

Urging the United States Congress to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases for stationary sources.

SCR 2 (CS) (LC)Uresti

Urging Congress to reauthorize the Water Resources Development Act of 2007, Section 5056, and to appropriate sufficient funds so that efforts to solve the salt problem in the Amistad International Reservoir can continue.


(Second Reading)

SB 445 Eltife

Relating to the creation, purpose, implementation, and funding of the County Park Beautification and Improvement Program.

SB 44 (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to the detention and transportation of a person with a mental illness.

SB 763 (CS) (LC)Ellis/ et al.

Relating to the designation of certain areas as banking development districts to encourage the establishment of financial institution branches in those areas.

SB 227 Nelson

Relating to the nondisciplinary resolution of certain complaints filed against physicians.

SB 76 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to certain providers of subsidized child care.

SB 170 (CS) (LC)Ellis/ et al.

Relating to the reorganization of powers and duties among agencies in this state that provide representation to indigent defendants in criminal cases and to the reorganization of funding sources for indigent defense.

SB 222 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to access to certain long-term care services and supports under the medical assistance program.

SB 355 (CS)Ellis/ et al.

Relating to the elimination of smoking in certain workplaces and public places; providing penalties.

SB 791 (CS) (LC)Duncan

Relating to electronic notification of certain state officials and agencies of certain rules and rulemaking filings.

SB 683 (LC)Huffman/ et al.

Relating to the composition of the board of directors of the Gulf Coast Water Authority.

SB 564 (LC)Uresti

Relating to the election of members of the board of directors of the Middle Pecos Groundwater Conservation District.

SB 525 (LC)Deuell

Relating to the protection of water quality in certain bodies of water.

SB 569 (LC)Jackson

Relating to the rates charged by certain conservation and reclamation districts for potable water or wastewater service to recreational vehicle parks.

SB 86 (LC)Nelson

Relating to municipal contracts for enforcement of outstanding traffic violation arrest warrants.

SB 410 (LC)Eltife

Relating to the name and powers of the Red River Redevelopment Authority.

SB 475 (LC)Patrick

Relating to the creation of the Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 524; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds; granting a limited power of eminent domain.

SB 629 (LC)Hegar/ et al.

Relating to the Ranch at Clear Fork Creek Municipal Utility District No. 1; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds; granting a limited power of eminent domain.

SB 813 (LC)Gallegos

Relating to the creation of the Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 528; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds; granting a limited power of eminent domain.

SB 802 (LC)Hegar

Relating to allowing the Aransas County Commissioners Court to charge interest on assessments for certain county road improvements.

SB 963 (LC)Uresti

Relating to certification of a person as eligible for disabled parking privileges.

SB 684 (CS) (LC)Huffman/ et al.

Relating to the transfer of the assets of and the dissolution of the Fort Bend County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1.

SB 36 (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to methods for increasing student success and degree completion at public institutions of higher education.

SB 794 (LC)Nelson/ et al.

Relating to the use of money from the permanent fund for health-related programs to provide grants to nursing education programs.

SB 238 (CS) (LC)West/ et al.

Relating to the regulation by a property owners' association of the installation of solar energy devices on property.

SB 310 (CS) (LC)Seliger

Relating to the Dallam-Hartley Counties Hospital District.

SB 199 (LC)West

Relating to agricultural projects in certain schools, including the eligibility of nonprofit organizations that partner with schools to receive grants.

SB 479 (LC)Estes

Relating to limiting the liability of certain persons for farm animal activities.

SB 311 (CS) (LC)Seliger

Relating to the authority of the board of directors of the Ochiltree County Hospital District to employ physicians and other health care providers.

SB 153 (LC)Huffman

Relating to the authority of a judge to suspend the imposition of a sentence and place a defendant on community supervision.

SB 623 (CS) (LC)Whitmire

Relating to the disqualification of a district or county attorney who is the subject of a criminal investigation.

SB 1436 (LC)Van de Putte/ et al.

Relating to creating the offense of continuous trafficking of persons; providing a penalty and other civil consequences.

SB 349 (CS) (LC)Eltife

Relating to the hotel occupancy tax rate in certain municipalities.

SB 99 (CS) (LC)Van de Putte/ Birdwell

Relating to persons authorized to control the disposition of the remains of certain members of the United States armed forces.

SB 639 (CS) (LC)Van de Putte/ Zaffirini/ et al.

Relating to tuition and fee exemptions at public institutions of higher education for certain military personnel, veterans, and dependents residing in this state.

SB 1220 (LC)Hinojosa/ et al.

Relating to the advisory committee on Medicaid and child health plan program rate and expenditure disparities between the Texas-Mexico border region and other areas of the state.

SB 992 (CS) (LC)Lucio

Relating to the allocation of loans made under the owner-builder loan program.

SB 249 (LC)Estes

Relating to the composition of the Finance Commission of Texas.

SB 855 (LC)Duncan

Relating to assistance provided by the Office of Public Utility Counsel to interested parties on certain electricity matters involving certificates of convenience and necessity.

SB 1008 (LC)Carona

Relating to the composition of the Finance Commission of Texas.

SB 1166 (LC)Carona

Relating to prepaid funeral benefits contracts and the prepaid funeral contract guaranty fund.

SB 480 (LC)Hegar

Relating to certain appeals from judgments of municipal courts of record.

SB 786 (LC)Harris

Relating to procedures for establishment, modification, and enforcement of child support obligations.

SB 519 (LC)Hegar

Relating to the period during which a motion for a new trial in a criminal proceeding in a justice or municipal court must be made.

SB 353 (LC)Birdwell

Relating to the territory and dissolution requirements of the Southern Trinity Groundwater Conservation District.

SB 385 (LC)Williams/ et al.

Relating to the creation of an alternative fuel program to be funded by the Texas emissions reduction plan fund.

SB 512 (LC)Hegar

Relating to the qualification of supervisors of a fresh water supply district.

SB 692 (LC)Estes

Relating to exemptions from groundwater conservation district permit requirements.

SB 914 (LC)Wentworth

Relating to the applicability to certain regional water districts of provisions concerning bond approval by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

SB 1003 (LC)Fraser

Relating to penalties for, and emergency orders suspending, the operation of a rock crusher or certain concrete plants without a current permit under the Texas Clean Air Act.

SB 438 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to the number of days a winery may sell wine under a winery festival permit.

SB 579 (CS) (LC)Hegar

Relating to the total benefit amount under a prepaid funeral contract.

SB 285 (CS) (LC)Harris

Relating to exempting certain judicial officers from certain requirements for obtaining or renewing a concealed handgun license and to the authority of certain judicial officers to carry certain weapons.

SB 482 (CS) (LC)Harris

Relating to authorization agreements between parents and nonparent relatives of a child.

SB 483 (CS) (LC)Harris

Relating to the powers and duties of criminal law magistrates in Tarrant County.

SB 819 (CS) (LC)Harris/ et al.

Relating to family violence and protective orders.

SB 327 (LC)Van de Putte/ Davis

Relating to including certain veterans service organizations as small businesses for the purpose of state contracting.

SB 631 (LC)Hinojosa

Relating to statutory references to the common electronic infrastructure project formerly known as TexasOnline.

SB 632 (LC)Hinojosa

Relating to the application of the Information Resources Management Act to public junior colleges and public junior college districts.

SB 867 (LC)Deuell

Relating to testing accommodations for a person with dyslexia taking a licensing examination administered by a state agency.

SB 871 (CS)Lucio

Relating to a stay of the requirement to provide refunds or discounts on excessive or unfairly discriminatory residential property premium rates.

SB 982 (CS) (LC)Carona

Relating to the authority of the Public Utility Commission of Texas in relation to extended service areas and toll-free local calling areas.

SB 782 (CS) (LC)Carona

Relating to uniform law on secured transactions.

SB 981 (CS) (LC)Carona

Relating to the regulation of distributed renewable generation of electricity.

SB 1124 (CS)Carona

Relating to licensing and regulation of certain persons involved in residential mortgage lending pursuant to the Texas Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2009; providing penalties.

SB 1133 (CS) (LC)Hegar

Relating to a report by the Public Utility Commission of Texas on the ability of electric generators to respond to abnormal weather conditions.

SB 1167 (CS) (LC)Carona

Relating to cemeteries and perpetual care cemetery corporations; providing a penalty.

SB 49 (LC)Zaffirini/ et al.

Relating to school district requirements regarding parental notification and documentation in connection with disciplinary alternative education programs.

SB 778 (LC)Williams/ et al.

Relating to the inclusion of professional staff who educate students with disabilities on district-level and campus-level planning and decision-making committees.

SB 182 (LC)Wentworth

Relating to the penalty for the offense of reckless driving.

SB 534 (LC)Davis

Relating to the designation of State Highway 121 in Tarrant and Johnson Counties as the Chisholm Trail Parkway.

SB 743 (LC)Hegar

Relating to the designation of a segment of State Highway 71 as the 95th Division Memorial Highway.

SB 990 (LC)Carona

Relating to regulation of high occupancy vehicle lanes operated, managed, or maintained by a regional transportation authority; providing penalties.

SB 680 (CS) (LC)Gallegos

Relating to a fee collected by a district clerk for certain certified copies.

SB 873 (LC)Duncan/ et al.

Relating to rate and damage schedules governing certain easements or other interests in land of The University of Texas System.

SB 1020 (LC)Rodriguez

Relating to a feasibility study regarding the establishment of a dental school at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso.

SB 1121 (LC)Estes

Relating to the student fees for the university center at Midwestern State University.

SB 419 (LC)West

Relating to prohibiting state funding to public junior colleges for physical education courses offered for joint high school and junior college credit.

SB 821 (LC)Watson

Relating to the authority of the Travis County Healthcare District to make capital or financial contributions to charitable organizations.

SB 874 (LC)Fraser

Relating to establishing a separate provider type for prosthetic and orthotic providers under the medical assistance program.

SB 901 (LC)Hegar

Relating to approval from the Department of State Health Services for disposal of ambulances purchased with certain grant funds.

SB 957 (LC)Birdwell

Relating to the clarification of terminology relating to the Waco Center for Youth.

SB 688 (CS)Nichols/ et al.

Relating to the investigation, prosecution, and punishment of criminal Medicaid fraud and certain other offenses related to Medicaid fraud; providing penalties.

SB 887 (LC)Carona/ et al.

Relating to the penalty for theft of an automated teller machine or the contents or components of an automated teller machine.

SB 882 (LC)Whitmire

Relating to the filing of a copy of certain records related to the release of accused persons on personal bond.

SB 364 (LC)Ogden

Relating to statistical information on the prosecution of certain offenses relating to the operating of a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

SB 122 (CS)Ellis/ et al.

Relating to postconviction forensic DNA analysis.

SB 779 (CS) (LC)Whitmire/ et al.

Relating to a central database containing information about certain persons who have been convicted of or received a grant of deferred adjudication for certain offenses involving animal cruelty; providing a criminal penalty.

SB 82 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to the prosecution of the offense of stalking.

SB 596 (CS) (LC)Shapiro/ et al.

Relating to transition planning for a public school student receiving special education services.

SB 597 (CS) (LC)Shapiro

Relating to the guarantee of open-enrollment charter school bonds by the permanent school fund.

SB 71 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to certain reports submitted and analyses conducted by health and human services agencies.

SB 229 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to newborn hearing screenings and hearing services for certain children.

SB 420 (CS) (LC)Deuell/ et al.

Relating to determining eligibility for indigent health care.

SB 795 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to regulation of nurse aides.

SB 403 (CS) (LC)Eltife

Relating to the consideration of pension and other postemployment benefits in establishing the rates of a gas utility.

SB 497 (CS)Jackson/ et al.

Relating to notice of the construction or expansion of a wind-powered electric generation facility located near a federally owned or operated radar installation or military installation.

SB 875 (CS)Fraser

Relating to compliance with state and federal environmental permits as a defense to certain actions for nuisance or trespass.

SB 893 (CS) (LC)Whitmire

Relating to motor fuel quality and testing.

SB 501 (CS) (LC)West

Relating to the disproportionality of certain groups in the juvenile justice, child welfare, health, and mental health systems and the disproportionality of the delivery of certain services in the education system.

SB 804 (LC)Hegar

Relating to the use of revenue from the hotel occupancy tax by certain counties.

SB 1185 (LC)Nichols

Relating to the authority of certain counties to impose a hotel occupancy tax for the operation and maintenance of a fairground in the county.

SB 803 (CS) (LC)Hegar

Relating to venue projects in certain counties.

SB 1176 (CS) (LC)Jackson

Relating to the definition of a postsecondary program in regard to non-baccalaureate career schools and colleges.

SB 1069 (CS) (LC)Jackson

Relating to the Texas emerging technology fund reporting requirement.

SB 1047 (CS)Jackson

Relating to the eligibility of an innovation and commercialization organization associated with the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center to receive funding from the Texas emerging technology fund.

SB 969 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to the establishment of the Public Health Funding and Policy Committee within the Department of State Health Services.

SB 548 (CS)Nichols/ Davis/ Watson/ et al.

Relating to the environmental review process for transportation projects.

SB 731 (CS)Nichols

Relating to the attorney general's legal sufficiency review of a comprehensive development agreement.

SB 934 (CS)Williams

Relating to the enforcement of tax laws; providing a criminal penalty.

SB 959 (CS) (LC)Wentworth

Relating to toll collection and enforcement.

SB 1017 (CS) (LC)Davis/ Harris/ Nelson

Relating to certain comprehensive development agreements of the Texas Department of Transportation.

SB 1144 (CS) (LC)Shapiro/ Harris/ Nelson

Relating to certain comprehensive development agreements of the Texas Department of Transportation.

SB 1145 (CS) (LC)Shapiro/ Harris/ et al.

Relating to certain comprehensive development agreements of the Texas Department of Transportation.

SB 949 (CS)Ellis/ et al.

Relating to the first day of instruction in certain school districts that provide additional days of instruction financed with local funds.

SB 644 (CS)Hegar

Relating to the continuation and operation of the Texas Department of Insurance and the operation of certain insurance programs; imposing administrative penalties.

SB 628 (LC)Duncan

Relating to the authority of the Childress County Hospital District to provide facilities and services for persons who are elderly or disabled; providing authority to issue bonds and notes.

SB 759 (LC)West

Relating to the state low income housing plan and report developed by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

SB 760 (LC)West

Relating to the term of interlocal contracts.

SB 765 (LC)Uresti

Relating to the territory of the El Paso County Water Control and Improvement District No. 4.

SB 847 (LC)Patrick

Relating to the authority of certain hospital districts to contract for the performance of administrative functions and services.

SB 900 (CS) (LC)Gallegos

Relating to the Aldine Improvement District; providing authority to impose a tax.

SB 978 (CS) (LC)Hinojosa

Relating to procedures for the dissolution of the Hidalgo County Water Improvement District No. 3.

SB 630 (CS) (LC)Hegar/ et al.

Relating to the Ranch at Clear Fork Creek Municipal Utility District No. 2; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds; granting a limited power of eminent domain.

SB 815 (LC)Lucio

Relating to the funding of port security, facility projects, and port studies.

SB 816 (LC)Lucio

Relating to the appointment and recommendations of the Border Trade Advisory Committee.

SB 28 (CS)Zaffirini/ et al.

Relating to eligibility for a TEXAS grant and to administration of the TEXAS grant program.

SB 258 (LC)Hegar

Relating to the pledge of allegiance to the state flag during a state flag retirement ceremony.

SB 371 (LC)Seliger/ et al.

Relating to the eligibility for service retirement annuities of certain elected officials convicted of certain crimes.

SB 423 (LC)Lucio/ et al.

Relating to health insurance coverage for eligible survivors of certain public servants killed in the line of duty.

SB 642 Seliger

Relating to optional annuity increases for certain retirees and beneficiaries of the Texas Municipal Retirement System.

SB 729 (LC)Seliger

Relating to a joint election for trustees of an independent school district.

SB 997 (LC)Shapiro

Relating to the public inspection of an application for a ballot to be voted early by mail.

SB 1009 (CS) (LC)Huffman

Relating to requiring public institutions of higher education to notify the federal Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) regarding the withdrawal or nonattendance of certain foreign students.

SB 1160 (LC)Seliger

Relating to the liability of a landowner for harm to a trespasser.

SB 1226 (LC)Hegar

Relating to the ballot language for junior college district annexation elections.

SB 1714 (LC)Duncan

Relating to certain actions against an employer by an employee who is not covered by workers' compensation insurance.

SB 551 (LC)Williams/ et al.

Relating to liability for interest on ad valorem taxes on improvements that escaped taxation in a previous year.

SB 899 (LC)Ogden/ et al.

Relating to the legislature's consent or approval of a settlement of a claim or action against this state.

SB 432 (LC)Jackson

Relating to the penalty for failure to make a timely installment payment of ad valorem taxes on property in a disaster area.

SB 326 Duncan/ et al.

Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of certain tangible personal property stored temporarily at a location in this state.

SB 648 Whitmire/ Hegar

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Commission on State Emergency Communications.

SB 655 (CS)Hegar

Relating to the abolition of the Railroad Commission of Texas, the creation of the Texas Oil and Gas Commission, and the transfer of the powers and duties of the railroad commission to the oil and gas commission.

SB 1150 (LC)Seliger

Relating to requiring certain non-ERCOT utilities to comply with energy efficiency goals.

SB 413 (CS) (LC)West

Relating to the purchasing and contracting authority of counties.

SB 29 (CS) (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to the eligibility of certain postdoctoral fellows and graduate students to participate in health benefit programs at public institutions of higher education.

SB 372 (CS) (LC)Seliger

Relating to certain reports, communications, publications, and other documents involving the attorney general.

SB 1034 (CS) (LC)Watson

Relating to the authority of certain political subdivisions to change the date of their general elections.

SB 894 (CS) (LC)Duncan/ Seliger/ West/ et al.

Relating to employment of physicians by certain hospitals.

SB 1716 (CS) (LC)Duncan

Relating to voidability of contracts procured through and liability arising from conduct constituting barratry; providing a civil penalty.

SB 1109 (CS) (LC)Williams

Relating to state agency procurement and the comptroller's procurement powers and duties.

SB 142 (CS)West

Relating to real property that is subject to restrictive covenants and the operation of property owners' associations of subdivisions that are subject to restrictive covenants.

SB 1343 (LC)Eltife

Relating to archeological cemeteries.

SB 1518 (LC)Eltife

Relating to the powers and duties of the Texas Historical Commission; imposing a penalty.

SB 1147 (LC)Duncan

Relating to the nonsubstantive revision of certain local laws concerning special districts, including conforming amendments.

SB 1303 (LC)West

Relating to nonsubstantive additions to and corrections in enacted codes, to the nonsubstantive codification or disposition of various laws omitted from enacted codes, and to conforming codifications enacted by the 81st Legislature to other Acts of that legislature.

SB 460 (LC)Seliger/ et al.

Relating to regulation of the import, export, and management of mule deer; providing penalties.

SB 498 (LC)Jackson

Relating to the trapping and transport of surplus white-tailed deer.

SB 499 (CS) (LC)Jackson

Relating to the identification of breeder deer by microchips.

SB 715 (LC)Harris/ et al.

Relating to access to a child's medical records by the child's attorney ad litem, guardian ad litem, or amicus attorney.

SB 789 (LC)Harris

Relating to the duration of a protective order against family violence.

SB 1025 (LC)Harris

Relating to service of citation and appointment of an attorney ad litem for an indigent parent in certain suits affecting the parent-child relationship.

SB 1098 (LC)Huffman

Relating to certain offenses involving unauthorized recordings.

SB 1187 (LC)Watson

Relating to the effect of indexing notices of lis pendens.

SB 1228 (LC)Hegar

Relating to the duties of district clerks regarding certain electronic filing systems.

SB 1236 (LC)West

Relating to the reduction and confirmation of child support arrearages and an incentive program to encourage payment of arrearages.

SB 1241 (LC)West

Relating to authorizing certain courts to access information in the juvenile justice information system.

SB 1242 (LC)West

Relating to the judicial immunity and powers of certain magistrates.

SB 1267 (LC)Uresti

Relating to applications for appeal filed with an appellate court.

SB 1308 (LC)Seliger

Relating to the standards for attorneys representing indigent defendants in capital cases.

SB 1322 (LC)Fraser

Relating to the operation of the Kimble County, McCulloch County, Mason County, and Menard County Juvenile Boards.

SB 1476 (LC)Hegar

Relating to the minimum continuing legal education requirements for an attorney employed in the executive branch of state government.

SB 626 (CS) (LC)Carona

Relating to lottery winnings, including assignment of winnings, periodic payments of winnings, and the deduction of child support delinquency amounts from winnings paid to a prize winner.

SB 800 (CS) (LC)Duncan

Relating to the qualifications and operations of workers' compensation data collection agents.

SB 907 Seliger

Relating to the management, operation, rulemaking authority, and oversight of groundwater conservation districts.

SB 908 Fraser

Relating to requirements for businesses that offer plastic checkout bags to customers.

SB 1151 (LC)Jackson

Relating to notice of utility rate increases.

SB 1230 (CS) (LC)Estes

Relating to the construction and operation of combined heating and power facilities in certain municipalities.

SB 201 (CS) (LC)Uresti/ et al.

Relating to the calculation of ad valorem taxes on the residence homestead of a 100 percent or totally disabled veteran for the tax year in which the veteran qualifies or ceases to qualify for an exemption from taxation of the homestead.

SB 54 (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to certification to teach public school students who have visual impairments.

SB 217 (LC)Huffman

Relating to expulsion of a public school student who commits certain criminal acts involving a computer, computer network, or computer system owned by or operated on behalf of a school district.

SB 620 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to the reporting of health care-associated infections and preventable adverse events.

SB 1068 (CS) (LC)Ellis

Relating to the lease of certain state parking facilities to other persons.

SB 73 (CS)Nelson

Relating to the removal of certain limitations on the debt issuance of the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas.

SB 1106 (CS) (LC)Harris/ et al.

Relating to the exchange of confidential information among certain governmental entities concerning certain juveniles.

SB 937 (CS)Lucio

Relating to priorities for restoration of electric service following an extended power outage.

SB 984 (CS) (LC)Carona

Relating to the elimination of certain tariff filing requirements for telecommunications providers.

SB 985 (CS) (LC)Carona

Relating to the regulation of Voice over Internet Protocol service.

SB 654 (CS)Whitmire/ Hegar

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Public Finance Authority.

SB 656 (CS)Huffman/ Hegar

Relating to the abolition of the Coastal Coordination Council and the transfer of its functions to the General Land Office.

SB 324 (LC)Jackson

Relating to the course levels offered by the University of Houston--Clear Lake.

SB 1272 (LC)Eltife

Relating to tuition rates and formula funding for certain nonresident students enrolled at Texas A&M University--Texarkana.

SB 1097 (CS)Eltife/ Deuell/ Nelson/ Nichols

Relating to single certification in incorporated or annexed areas served by water or sewer utilities.

SB 27 (CS) (LC)Zaffirini/ et al.

Relating to school district policies for the care of students at risk for anaphylaxis.

SB 1094 (CS) (LC)Rodriguez

Relating to the availability of online testing for high school equivalency examinations.

SB 660 (CS)Hinojosa/ Hegar

Relating to the review and functions of the Texas Water Development Board, including the functions of the board and related entities in connection with the process for establishing and appealing desired future conditions in a groundwater management area.