Senate Floor Action for 2/14/2011



February 14, 2011

The Senate adopted the following resolutions:

SR 168 Van de Putte/ Hegar/ Uresti/ Wentworth/ Zaffirini

Commending the students, faculty, and staff of Saint Mary's University.

SR 226 Nelson

Commending the Texas Council on Family Violence for its service on behalf of the victims of domestic violence.

SR 228 Nelson

Recognizing February 14, 2011, as Association of Texas Professional Educators Day at the State Capitol.

HCR 51 Naishtat SP: Watson

Commending Heart Hospital of Austin and St. David's HealthCare for providing exceptional cardiovascular care.

Committee referral on the following:

SJR 20 Patrick

Proposing a constitutional amendment to authorize the legislature to limit the maximum appraised value of commercial or industrial real property for ad valorem tax purposes to 110 percent or more of the appraised value of the property for the preceding tax year.


SJR 21 Patrick

Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to provide for an exemption from ad valorem taxation of the residence homestead of the surviving spouse of a 100 percent or totally disabled veteran in an amount equal to the amount of the residence homestead exemption to which the disabled veteran was entitled.


SCR 9 Lucio

Urging the United States Congress to amend the list of allowable foods under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to eliminate sweetened drinks and snack foods of minimal nutritional value.

Health & Human Services

SCR 10 Ellis

Designating February 21 through 27 of each year from 2011 through 2020 as Barbara Jordan Freedom Week.


SCR 11 Hegar

Designating May 22 of each year from 2011 through 2020 as William Elmo Merrem Day in honor of the first Eagle Scout from Texas.


SCR 14 Patrick/ Birdwell/ Carona/ Deuell/ Duncan/ et al.

Affirming the pride of all Texans in both our one and indivisible national union and our one and indivisible state, claiming sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the U.S. Constitution, serving notice to the federal government to cease and desist from certain mandates, and providing that certain federal legislation be prohibited or repealed.

State Affairs

SB 271 Uresti

Relating to the board of directors of the Bexar Metropolitan Water District.

Natural Resources

SB 331 Shapiro/ Estes/ Fraser/ Harris/ Huffman/ et al.

Relating to adding certain synthetic cannabinoids to Penalty Group 2 of the Texas Controlled Substances Act.

Criminal Justice

SB 334 Fraser

Relating to the applicability of the constitutional limit on state debt payable from the general revenues of the state to bonds issued by the Texas Water Development Board.


SB 341 Uresti/ et al.

Relating to the appointment of a conservator for and authorizing the dissolution of the Bexar Metropolitan Water District.

Natural Resources

SB 451 Ellis

Relating to death benefits for eligible survivors of certain Texas National Guard members.

Veteran Affairs & Military Installations

SB 452 Ellis

Relating to placing the State Board of Education under periodic review by the Sunset Advisory Commission.


SB 453 Ellis

Relating to dedicating money in the system benefit fund to certain purposes.


SB 455 Ellis

Relating to restrictions on the location and operation of concrete crushing facilities.

Natural Resources

SB 456 Ellis

Relating to state purchasing of certain environmentally friendly items.

Government Organization

SB 458 Seliger

Relating to initial claims under the unemployment compensation system.

Economic Development

SB 460 Seliger

Relating to regulation of the import, export, and management of mule deer; providing penalties.

Agriculture & Rural Affairs

SB 461 Williams

Relating to the design and issuance of license plates for United States paratroopers.

Transportation & Homeland Security

SB 462 West

Relating to the right to an expunction of records and files relating to a person's arrest.

Criminal Justice

SB 463 Lucio

Relating to providing parents with notice of a school district's promotion and retention policies.


SB 464 Lucio

Relating to tracking peace officer membership in the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

State Affairs

SB 465 Lucio

Relating to retirement benefits of school district or institution of higher education peace officers under the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

State Affairs

SB 466 Lucio

Relating to a requirement that public school counselors demonstrate knowledge of counseling regarding higher education to obtain a school counselor certificate.


SB 467 Wentworth

Relating to the power of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to authorize certain injection wells that transect or terminate in the Edwards Aquifer.

Natural Resources

SB 468 Shapiro

Relating to the flexibility of the board of trustees of a school district in the management and operation of public schools in the district.


SB 469 Nelson

Relating to the collection of unpaid tolls by a regional tollway authority.

Transportation & Homeland Security

SB 471 West

Relating to public school and child-care facility policies addressing sexual abuse and other maltreatment of children.

Health & Human Services

SB 472 West

Relating to voting practices and elections of property owners' associations.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 474 Patrick

Relating to a limitation on increases in the appraised value for ad valorem tax purposes of commercial or industrial real property.


SB 475 Patrick

Relating to the creation of the Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 524; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds; granting a limited power of eminent domain.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 476 Patrick

Relating to the classification of automotive repair shops as primarily engaged in retail trade for purposes of the franchise tax.


SB 477 Patrick

Relating to the allocation to a school district of the expenses of a joint election.

State Affairs

SB 478 Estes

Relating to the protection of stray bison.

Agriculture & Rural Affairs

SB 479 Estes

Relating to limiting the liability of certain persons for farm animal activities.

Agriculture & Rural Affairs

SB 480 Hegar

Relating to certain appeals from judgments of municipal courts of record.


SB 481 Harris

Relating to the removal of a guardian of an incapacitated person ordered by a court.


SB 482 Harris

Relating to the requirements for an authorization agreement for a nonparent relative of a child.


SB 483 Harris

Relating to the powers and duties of criminal law magistrates in Tarrant County.


SB 484 Huffman

Relating to the release of a photograph of a police officer and access to records maintained by internal investigative divisions in certain municipalities.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 485 Huffman

Relating to proper venue for certain criminal prosecutions of mortgage fraud.


SB 486 Huffman

Relating to creating the offense of sexual voyeurism; providing a penalty and other civil consequences.

Criminal Justice

SB 487 Huffman

Relating to increasing the penalty for the offense of leaving the scene of an accident that involves personal injury or death.

Criminal Justice

SB 488 Van de Putte

Relating to criminal background checks on users of online dating services and to disclosures of online dating safety measures; providing a civil penalty.

Business & Commerce

SB 489 Fraser/ Duncan/ Estes

Relating to the Texas State Technical College System.

Higher Education

SB 490 Fraser

Relating to the Hamilton County Hospital District.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 491 Fraser

Relating to the composition of the 198th Judicial District, the creation of a judicial district composed of Kimble, McCulloch, Mason, and Menard Counties, and the creation of the office of district attorney for the 440th Judicial District.


SB 493 Fraser

Relating to the idling of motor vehicles.

Natural Resources

SB 494 Fraser

Relating to the authority of certain local governmental entities to borrow money for a public hospital.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 495 Fraser

Relating to an exemption from the motor vehicle use tax for motor vehicles brought into this state by certain military personnel or retired military personnel.


SB 496 Fraser

Relating to the punishment for the offense of evading arrest or detention.

Criminal Justice

SB 497 Jackson

Relating to notice of the construction or expansion of a wind-powered electric generation facility located near a federally owned or operated radar installation or military installation.

Natural Resources

SB 498 Jackson

Relating to the trapping and transport of surplus white-tailed deer.

Agriculture & Rural Affairs

SB 499 Jackson

Relating to the identification of breeder deer by microchips.

Agriculture & Rural Affairs

SB 500 Jackson

Relating to the authority of the governing body of a local authority to impose a civil penalty for certain violations recorded by an automated traffic control system or a photographic traffic signal enforcement system.

Transportation & Homeland Security

Committee re-referral on the following:

SB 267 Williams

Relating to a joint statement regarding the transfer of a motor vehicle as the result of a gift.

Re-referred from Finance to Transportation & Homeland Security