Senate Floor Action for 3/14/2011



March 14, 2011

The Senate adopted the following resolutions:

SR 503 Patrick

Commending the Patriot Guard Riders on their commitment to supporting the families of veterans and active-duty military members.

Committee referral on the following:

SB 4 Shapiro

Relating to certification, performance, continuing education, and appraisal of public school teachers.


SB 5 Zaffirini

Relating to public institutions of higher education, including the administration, operation, financial management, and reporting requirements of those institutions.

Higher Education

SB 6 Shapiro

Relating to the foundation curriculum, the establishment of the instructional materials allotment, and the adoption, review, and purchase of instructional materials and technological equipment for public schools.


SB 13 Huffman

Relating to the reform of certain remedies and procedures in civil actions.

State Affairs

SB 15 Fraser

Relating to state energy policy and the planning of energy development and utilization.

Natural Resources

SB 20 Williams

Relating to a grant program for certain natural gas motor vehicles.

Transportation & Homeland Security

SB 22 Shapiro

Relating to public school finance.


SB 1312 Van de Putte

Relating to certain criminal and civil consequences of trafficking of persons, compelling prostitution, and certain other related criminal offenses and to the prevention, prosecution, and punishment of those offenses.

Criminal Justice

SB 1436 Van de Putte

Relating to creating the offense of continuous trafficking of persons; providing a penalty and other civil consequences.

Criminal Justice

Committee re-referral on the following:

SB 815 Lucio

Relating to the funding of port security, facility projects, and port studies.

Re-referred from Transportation & Homeland Security to International Relations & Trade

SB 826 Lucio

Relating to the establishment, operation, and funding of certain programs for rural economic development.

Re-referred from Agriculture & Rural Affairs to International Relations & Trade