COMMITTEE:   Environmental Regulation 

TIME & DATE: 1:30 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
Wednesday, April 20, 2011 

PLACE:       E2.030 
CHAIR:       Rep. Wayne Smith 


HB 856        Dutton
Relating to the powers and duties of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and other entities regarding water and sewer utilities.

HB 1126       Burnam                 
Relating to the control of emissions from crude oil and condensate storage tanks in certain areas of this state.

HB 1558       Reynolds               
Relating to applications for permits issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for certain new or expanded facilities in certain low-income and minority communities.

HB 2268       Hancock                
Relating to compliance with state and federal environmental permits.

HB 2987       Parker                 
Relating to establishing an account for the purchase or operation of emissions monitoring devices in certain counties.

HB 3066       Burnam                 
Relating to regulation of air contaminant emissions from oil and gas wells.

HB 3268       Lyne                   
Relating to permits for air contaminant emissions of stationary natural gas engines used in combined heating and power systems.

HB 3544       Farrar                 
Relating to the authority of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to grant or deny an air contaminant emissions permit.