COMMITTEE:   Insurance 

TIME & DATE: 1:30 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
Tuesday, March 29, 2011 

PLACE:       E2.026 
CHAIR:       Rep. John Smithee 


The Committee may hear any pending business and the following:




HB 1166       Zerwas                 
Relating to tobacco cessation programs for certain public employees and their dependents and to the assessment of a fee on certain public employees who use tobacco.

HB 1267       Smithee                
Relating to the authority of certain counties and intergovernmental pools to require reimbursement for punitive damage coverage.

HB 1744       Allen                  
Relating to health benefit plan coverage for certain children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

HB 1772       Taylor, Larry          
Relating to the regulation of certain exclusive provider benefit plans.

HB 1864       Smithee | et al.       
Relating to a prohibition on the coercion of therapeutic optometrists and ophthalmologists by managed care plans.

HB 2152       Eiland                 
Relating to the method of payment of insurance benefits.

HB 2153       Eiland                 
Relating to a fee collected by the Automobile Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority.

HB 2267       Smithee                
Relating to notice of acceptance or rejection of an insurance claim.

HB 2297       Walle                  
Relating to the requirement that certain insurers provide consumers with information related to improving their credit scores.

HB 2604       Taylor, Larry          
Relating to solvency accounts maintained by title agents for holding unencumbered assets.

HB 2681       Hartnett               
Relating to the protection of trade secrets.

HB 1950       Taylor, Larry          
Relating to the continuation and operation of the office of public insurance counsel.

HB 1951       Taylor, Larry          
Relating to the continuation and operation of the Texas Department of Insurance and the operation of certain insurance programs; imposing administrative penalties.