COMMITTEE:   Insurance 

TIME & DATE: 1:30 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
Tuesday, April 05, 2011 

PLACE:       E2.026 
CHAIR:       Rep. John Smithee 


The Committee may consider any pending business and the following:



HB 3570       Smithee                
Relating to insurance coverage requirements for certain amusement rides.

HB 504        Menendez               
Relating to partial surrender of or withdrawals from annuity contracts, life insurance policies, and endowment contracts.

HB 705        Davis, John            
Relating to certain prohibited practices concerning the payment of copayments and deductibles under health benefit plans; providing a civil penalty and for injunctive relief.

HB 1192       Castro                 
Relating to the requirement and study of insurance coverage for serious emotional disturbance of a child.

HB 1310       Smithee                
Relating to the office of public insurance counsel's authority to initiate a hearing on or object to insurance rates or rate filings.

HB 1393       Hancock                
Relating to the operation of certain managed care plans with respect to health care providers.

HB 1535       Eiland                 
Relating to the participation of this state in the Surplus Lines Insurance Multi-State Compliance Compact.

HB 1554       Thompson               
Relating to immunity for reporting insurance fraud.

HB 1631       Thompson               
Relating to expedited credentialing for certain podiatrists providing services under a managed care plan.

HB 1776       Lozano | et al.        
Relating to contracts between dentists and health maintenance organizations or insurers.

HB 1803       Hancock | et al.       
Relating to property and casualty certificates of insurance and approval of property and casualty certificate of insurance forms by the Texas Department of Insurance; providing penalties.

HB 2093       Thompson               
Relating to the operation and regulation of certain consolidated insurance programs; providing administrative penalties.

HB 2149       Eiland                 
Relating to contracts between rural hospitals and certain insurers.

HB 2172       Torres                 
Relating to the eligibility of certain children under group life insurance policies.

HB 2277       Eiland                 
Relating to the sale, exchange, or replacement of life insurance and annuity contracts.

HB 2292       Hunter | et al.        
Relating to payment of claims to pharmacies and pharmacists.

HB 2382       Murphy                 
Relating to notice required upon nonrenewal of property/casualty insurance policies.

HB 2698       Eiland                 
Relating to surplus lines insurance.

HB 2723       Walle                  
Relating to notice of premium increase for certain accident and health insurance policies and small employer health benefit plans.

HB 2724       Walle                  
Relating to the requirement that certain information accompany residential property and personal automobile insurance documents.

HB 2924       Taylor, Larry          
Relating to contractual limitations periods in property insurance policies.

HB 3017       Smithee                
Relating to the prohibited use of discretionary clauses in certain health maintenance organization and insurance contracts.

HB 3117       Vo                     
Relating to the reporting of information to claims databases by insurers.

HB 3118       Vo                     
Relating to the reporting of information to claims databases by insurers.

HB 3157       Torres                 
Relating to automobile insurance coverage provided through the Texas Automobile Insurance Plan Association.

HB 3613       Walle                  
Relating to the operation of the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.



Bills added after last posting:

HB 3570


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