COMMITTEE:   Insurance 

TIME & DATE: 1:30 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
Tuesday, April 19, 2011 

PLACE:       E2.026 
CHAIR:       Rep. John Smithee 


The Committee may consider any pending business and the following:


HB 321        Alonzo
Relating to certain unfair practices in the settlement of insurance claims involving noneconomic damages.

HB 2102       Hernandez Luna
Relating to the requirement that certain health benefit plans provide coverage for supplemental breast cancer screening.

HB 2270       Castro
Relating to health benefit plan coverage for early childhood intervention services.

HB 2319       Smithee
Relating to premium tax credits for examination and evaluation fees paid by insurers.

HB 2614       Veasey
Relating to insurance coverage for child passenger safety seat systems.

HB 2700       Eiland
Relating to an allotment under the public school finance system for the cost of windstorm and hail insurance.

HB 2781       Bohac
Relating to licensing requirements for a residential fire alarm technician.

HB 3005       Paxton
Relating to exemptions to persons required to hold a limited property and casualty license.

HB 3059       Smithee
Relating to the regulation of damage waivers used by certain vehicle rental companies.

HB 3063       Smithee
Relating to third-party property damage claims under private passenger automobile insurance policies.

HB 3086       Smithee
Relating to credit for reinsurance allowed domestic ceding insurers for reinsurance ceded to unauthorized assuming insurers determined to be acceptable by the Commissioner.

HB 3154       Torres
Relating to public insurance adjusters.

HB 3266       Miller, Sid
Relating to the audit of retail and mail order pharmacy claims of certain public employees.

HB 3500       Isaac
Relating to rules adopted by the commissioner of insurance regulating the manufacture, transportation, storage, and retail sales of fireworks.

HB 3590       Hancock
Relating to the cancellation of homeowners insurance policies.

SB 822        Watson
Relating to expedited credentialing of certain physicians by managed care plans.