COMMITTEE:   Public Education 

TIME & DATE: 2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
Tuesday, April 12, 2011 

PLACE:       E2.036 
CHAIR:       Rep. Rob Eissler 


HB 692        Farias
Relating to high school graduation requirements for a student who is unable to participate in physical activity due to disability or illness.

HB 742        Hunter
Relating to student information required to be provided at the time of enrollment in public schools.

HB 1054       Patrick, Diane
Relating to continuing education requirements for educators.

HB 1095       Farias
Relating to a requirement of a commitment to serve a certain minimum term before a person may be appointed as a member of a local school health advisory council.

HB 1702       Martinez Fischer
Relating to reporting donations received by a school district and public school campus.

HB 1705       Martinez Fischer
Relating to providing a parent of a public school student with notice of student performance in the parent's native language.

HB 1805       Huberty
Relating to a public school student's eligibility for a public education grant to attend another public school.

HB 2135       Hochberg
Relating to certain assessment requirements for public school students.

HB 2233       Huberty | et al.
Relating to certain contracts entered into by school districts for another entity to provide food services at one or more district schools.

HB 2491       Flynn | et al.
Relating to a moratorium on certain testing and assessments of certain public school students under the public school accountability system.

HB 2704       Sheffield
Relating to a parent's right to object to physical fitness assessment of the parent's child by a school district.

HB 2747       Martinez Fischer
Relating to reporting information regarding public school student dropout rates.

HB 2748       Martinez Fischer
Relating to grants to student clubs for dropout prevention.

HB 2797       Bonnen
Relating to elimination of the requirement that school districts and public junior college districts conduct periodic safety and security audits of district facilities.

HB 3026       Weber
Relating to home-rule school districts.

HB 3135       Shelton
Relating to reasonable break times and facilities for school district educators expressing breast milk.

HB 3261       Strama
Relating to the establishment of the Texas High Performance Schools Consortium.

HB 3285       Guillen
Relating to considering the assessment instrument results of certain students in evaluating school district and campus performance.

HB 3467       Patrick, Diane | et al.
Relating to restrictions on school districts making available to students food containing industrially produced trans fat.

HB 3506       Villarreal
Relating to the use of transportation allotment funds by school districts to provide bus passes or cards to certain students.

HB 3694       Gallego
Relating to certain requirements of sports officials by the University Interscholastic League.

SB 764        Williams
Relating to a prohibition against use of school district resources for a hotel.