COMMITTEE:   Public Education 

TIME & DATE: 8:00 AM, Tuesday, May 10, 2011 

PLACE:       E2.036 
CHAIR:       Rep. Rob Eissler 


SB 4          Shapiro
Relating to certification, performance, continuing education, and appraisal of public school teachers.

SB 35         Zaffirini
Relating to transition and employment services for public school students enrolled in special education programs.

SB 49         Zaffirini | et al.
Relating to school district requirements regarding parental notification and documentation in connection with disciplinary alternative education programs.

SB 127        Patrick, Dan
Relating to the establishment, operation, and funding of charter schools; providing administrative penalties.

SB 140        Shapiro
Relating to minimum public school attendance for class credit or a final grade.

SB 224        Nelson | et al.
Relating to a program to recognize public schools with successful student health and fitness programs.

SB 419        West
Relating to prohibiting state funding to public junior colleges for physical education courses offered for joint high school and junior college credit.

SB 536        Davis
Relating to the use of certain discipline management practices or behavior management techniques by peace officers employed or commissioned by school districts.

SB 596        Shapiro | et al.
Relating to transition planning for a public school student receiving special education services.

SB 738        Shapiro
Relating to a parental role in determining sanctions applied to a public school campus under certain circumstances.

SB 1094       Rodriguez
Relating to the availability of online testing for high school equivalency examinations.

SB 1349       Van de Putte
Relating to a requirement that a person hold a license issued by the appropriate state agency to be employed as a marriage and family therapist by a school district.

SB 1383       Shapiro | et al.
Relating to an appraisal and professional development system for public school principals.

SB 1410       Duncan
Relating to reporting student enrollment in tech-prep programs and evaluating tech-prep consortia.

SB 1484       Shapiro
Relating to authorizing open-enrollment charter schools to be awarded academic distinction designations.

SB 1557       Carona
Relating to the Texas High Performance Schools Consortium.

SB 1619       Duncan
Relating to participation of public high school students in college credit programs.

SB 1872       Van de Putte | et al.
Relating to revising, revoking, or denying renewal of charters of open-enrollment charter schools under certain circumstances.

The order the bills are heard is at the discretion of the Chairman.

Public Testimony is limited to  three (3) minutes.