COMMITTEE:   Urban Affairs 

TIME & DATE: 10:30 AM or upon final adjourn./recess
Wednesday, April 13, 2011 

PLACE:       E2.016 
CHAIR:       Rep. Harold V. Dutton, Jr. 


HB 307        Menendez
Relating to the administration of the homeless housing and services program by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

HJR 120       Munoz, Jr.
Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing a home-rule municipality to provide in its charter the procedure to fill a vacancy on its governing body for which the unexpired term is 24 months or less.

HB 3486       Taylor, Van
Relating to municipal regulation of dogs used for search and rescue or law enforcement purposes.

HB 3035       Alvarado
Relating to the grievance procedure for firefighters and police officers in certain municipalities.

HB 3736       Martinez, "Mando"      
Relating to appointment of a department head of a fire or police department in certain municipalities.

HB 3753       King, Phil             
Relating to the employment of physicians and other staff by certain municipal hospital authorities.

HB 2082       Lozano                 
Relating to the validation of a home-rule charter for certain municipalities.

HB 2458       Munoz, Jr.             
Relating to filling certain vacancies on the governing body of certain home-rule municipalities.

HB 2516       Alvarado               
Relating to the appeal of an indefinite suspension of a municipal firefighter or police officer.

HB 3547       Alvarado               
Relating to enforcement by a local government of fire safety standards at certain child-care facilities.

HB 3735       Martinez, "Mando"      
Relating to the composition of the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and the disposition of certain fees collected by the commission.

HB 2584       Anderson, Rodney       
Relating to authorizing certain municipalities to donate surplus real property of negligible or negative value to certain private persons.

HB 3491       Menendez               
Relating to establishment and functions of certain urban land bank programs.

HB 1175       Workman                
Relating to the election of the governing body of certain municipalities.

HB 1745       Coleman | et al.       
Relating to the authority of certain municipalities to impose term limits on the members of their governing bodies.

HB 2076       Rodriguez, Eddie       
Relating to the authority of a municipality or county to contract with a vendor for the collection of certain debts.

HB 2262       Dutton                 
Relating to periodic reauthorization of municipal building permit fees.

HB 2274       Eiland                 
Relating to requiring a municipality to pay for the expenses of an election contest for a person elected to the governing body of the municipality.

HB 2601       Nash                   
Relating to the removal of political signs from private property; providing a penalty.

HB 2729       Callegari              
Relating to local government authority to develop public infrastructure and facilities.

HB 3111       Craddick               
Relating to fees to finance capital improvements in certain municipalities.

HB 3283       Guillen                
Relating to the authority of certain development corporations to undertake projects with respect to community libraries.

HB 3352       Smith, Wayne           
Relating to the sale of park land owned by certain municipalities.

HB 3388       Fletcher               
Relating to the transport of fireworks within a municipality.

HB 3344       Isaac                  
Relating to competitive bid requirements for public utility agencies that award construction contracts.