COMMITTEE:   Urban Affairs 

TIME & DATE: 10:30 AM or upon final adjourn./recess
Wednesday, April 20, 2011 

PLACE:       E2.016 
CHAIR:       Rep. Harold V. Dutton, Jr. 


HB 59         Martinez, "Mando"
Relating to recipients of financial assistance administered by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

HB 741        Vo                     
Relating to criteria for financing certain multifamily housing developments.

HB 1365       Callegari              
Relating to requiring flashing lights to be posted before an intersection at which a photographic system is used to enforce compliance with traffic-control signals.

HB 1372       Christian              
Relating to the appointment of a tenant representative as a commissioner of a municipal housing authority.

HB 1472       Miles                  
Relating to the retention of and the required disclosure under the public information law of certain complaints alleging official oppression.

HB 1561       Orr                    
Relating to the authority of a municipality to implement a photographic traffic signal enforcement system and impose civil penalties.

HB 1652       Alonzo                 
Relating to collective bargaining by firefighters and police officers.

HB 1684       Fletcher               
Relating to the regulation of fireworks in areas annexed by a municipality for limited purposes.

HB 2107       Anchia                 
Relating to notice by sign requirement for sexually oriented businesses.

HB 2224       Davis, Yvonne          
Relating to reporting of certain information regarding foreclosure sales of residential real property.

HB 2361       Truitt                 
Relating to the authority of a municipality, a county, or the Department of Public Safety to enforce compliance with posted speed limits by an automated traffic control system.

HB 2601       Nash                   
Relating to the removal of political signs from private property; providing a penalty.

HB 2852       Mallory Caraway        
Relating to requiring signs at intersections with photographic traffic monitoring systems and photographic traffic signal enforcement systems.

HB 2860       Davis, Yvonne          
Relating to public improvement districts designated by a municipality or county.

HB 3357       Miles                  
Relating to municipal civilian complaint review boards.

HB 3452       Anchia                 
Relating to improvement districts in municipalities and counties.

HB 3559       Lucio III              
Relating to allocation of loans made under the owner-builder loan program.

HB 3597       Larson                 
Relating to the powers and duties of certain public improvement districts.

HB 3606       Kuempel                
Relating to the payment of development impact fees by certain political subdivisions or governmental entities.

HB 3607       Kuempel | et al.       
Relating to construction managers-at-risk used by local governments.

HB 3690       Anchia                 
Relating to the boundaries and financing of a public improvement district.

SB 396        Deuell                 
Relating to the state fire marshal's investigation of the death of a firefighter who dies in the line of duty or in connection with an on-duty incident.

SB 509        Lucio                  
Relating to the validation of a home-rule charter for certain municipalities.