COMMITTEE:   Ways & Means 

TIME & DATE: 2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
Monday, May 09, 2011 

PLACE:       E2.014 
CHAIR:       Rep. Harvey Hilderbran 








HB 3438       Raymond
Relating to an election to authorize a sales and use tax adopted by certain municipalities to finance sports and community venues to be used for economic development purposes.

HB 3863       Garza | et al.         
Relating to the authority of certain volunteer firefighter and emergency services organizations to hold tax-free sales or auctions.

SB 267        Williams | et al.      
Relating to a joint statement regarding the transfer of a motor vehicle as the result of a gift.

SB 326        Duncan | et al.        
Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of certain tangible personal property stored temporarily at a location in this state.

SB 915        Wentworth | et al.     
Relating to the ad valorem taxation of manufactured homes.

SB 1130       Hegar                  
Relating to the exception from required public disclosure of certain records of an appraisal district.

SB 1185       Nichols                
Relating to the authority of certain counties to impose a hotel occupancy tax for the operation and maintenance of a fairground in the county.

SB 1413       Hegar                  
Relating to the authority of certain counties to impose a county hotel occupancy tax and to the rate of the tax.



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