HB 574


              Public Health Committee

              April 13, 2011 - 8:00 AM

                       For :

                                 Dragsbaek, Anna   (The Immunization Partnership)

                                 Sahni, Leila   (Texas Children's Hospital, The Immunization Partnership)

                                 Terk, Jason   (Texas Immunization Partnership, Texas Medical Association, Texas

                                 Pediatric Society, Texas Academy of Family Physicians)

                       Against :

                                 Doyle, Russell   (Self)

                                 Gerstenschlager, MerryLynn   (Self; Texas Eagle Forum)

                       On :

                                 Sims, Jack   (Texas Department of State Health Services)

                       Registering, but not testifying:

                       For :

                                 Alexander, Troy   (Texas Medical Association)

                                 Armstrong, Georgia   (Self)

                                 Banning, Tom   (TX Academy of Family Physicians)

                                 Bujanda, Miryam   (Methodist Healthcare Ministries)

                                 Devine, Teresa   (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas)

                                 Emmett, Ed   (Harris County, Texas)

                                 Fisher, Nancy   (TX Assn. of Local Health Officials)

                                 Holmes, Harry   (Harris County Healthcare Alliance)

                                 Lane, Lee   (Texas Association of Local Health Officials)

                                 Matz, Laura   (March of Dimes)

                                 Mitias, Marcus   (Texas Health Resources)

                                 Rose, Denise   (Texas Hosp. Association)

                                 Sabo, Jason   (Children at Risk)

                                 Smith, Jason   (Harris County, TX)

                                 Willmann, James   (Texas Nurses Association)

                                 Wilson, Stacy   (Central Health & Community Care)

                                 Yanas, Chris   (Teaching Hospitals of TX)

                       Against :

                                 Richardson, Dawn   (Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education, PROVE)

                                 Simpson, Susan   (Self)

                                 Smith, Claudia   (Self)