Appropriations Committee

            February 24, 2011 - 7:00 AM


            House Budget Recommendations


                                 Abbott, Greg (Office of the Attorney General)

                                 Andrade, Hope (Office of the Secretary of State)

                                 Burns, Dwight (Texas Public Finance Authority)

                                 Fuller, Mitchell (Commission on State Emergency Communications)

                                 Gibbs, Gary (TX Comm on the Arts)

                                 Graves, Stan (Tx Hist Comm)

                                 Hanson, Christopher (Pension Review Board)

                                 Keel, Terry (Texas Facilities Commission)

                                 Mallett, Paul (Commission on State Emergency Communications)

                                 McGeehan, Ann (Office of the Secretary of State)

                                 Palladino, Thomas (Texas Veterans Commission)

                                 Reisman, David (Texas Ethics Commission)

                                 Rudd, Peggy (Texas State Library & Archives Commission)

                                 Sneed, John (State Preservation Board)

                                 Wolfe, Mark (Texas Historical Commission)