Redistricting Committee

            April 7, 2011 - 9:00 AM


            Current Congressional Districts


                                 Betzen, Bill (Self)

                                 Bowyer, Becky (Self; Texans for Redistricting Reform)

                                 De Leon, Sergio (Self)

                                 Espino, Sal (Self)

                                 Garcia, Domingo (Lulac 102- Dallas)

                                 Owens, Jr., William C. "Bill" (Self)

                                 Perez, Richard (City of Cockrell Hill)

                                 Rios, Rolando (Congressman Cuellar)

                                 Sanders, Andrew (Marc Veasey)

                                 Shine, Hugh (Self)


                                 Loveless, Wynne (Self; Johnson County Grassroots Activists)


                                 Aldrete, James (Texas Justice Fund)

                                 Alvarado, Eliza (Polly Elizondo Hidalgo County Democratic Chair)

                                 Banks, Yannis (Texas NAACP)

                                 Brooks, Roy (Citizens of Tarrant County)

                                 Camarillo, Lydia (SUREP & TX Latino Redistricting Task Force)

                                 Castillo, Pablo (Self)

                                 Chow, Joe (Town of Addison)

                                 Cole, Sheryl (Self)

                                 Cope, Judy (Guadalupe County)

                                 Culpepper, Charles (Self)

                                 Emerson, Abram (East San Antonio Redistricting Committee)

                                 Fairbrother, William (Self)

                                 Garcia, Gustavo L (Self)

                                 Getterman, Edward (Rep. Bill Flores)

                                 Gonzales, Melissa (Self)

                                 Gonzales-Garza, Rita (Self)

                                 Hamilton, Jane (Self; Texas Justice Fund)

                                 Herrera, Paul (The American GI Forum of Texas Inc)

                                 McAfee, Anne (Self)

                                 McCreary, Lou (Self)

                                 McLellan, Bill (Self)

                                 Mims, Myron (Self; Texas Justice Fund)

                                 Neal, Samuel (Nueces County)

                                 Pate, A.J. (Self)

                                 Perales, Nina (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF))

                                 Self, Keith (Collin County)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Shaheen, Matt (Collin County)

                                 Sutton, Marvin (Self)

                                 Teich, Henry (Johnson County Republican Party)

                                 Todd, Bruce (Self)

                                 Turner, James F A (East San Antonio Redistricting Committee)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Crenshaw, Sandra (LAC PAC)

                                 Farin, Linda (Self)

                                 Hamm, William (Self)

                                 Parer, Joseph (Self)


                                 Albert, Katherine (Self)

                                 Archer, Tom (Self)

                                 Bell, Doug (Self)

                                 Cardenas III, Joey (Texas LULAC)

                                 Cofer, Rick (Self)

                                 Drummond, Marie (Self)

                                 Flores, Juan (La Fe Policy research & Education Center)

                                 Fowler, Claudia (Self)

                                 Gutierrez, Anthony (Boyd Richie, Texas Democratic Party)

                                 Haney, Karla (Self)

                                 Israel, Celia (Self)

                                 Sparks, Hugh (Self)