Redistricting Committee

            April 17, 2012 - 9:00 AM


            Interim Charge #1 - Size of State Board of Education Districts


                                 McClure, Barney (Agriculture Teachers Association of Texas)


                                 Archer, Jeff (Texas Legislative Council)

                                 Banks, Yannis (Texas NAACP)

                                 Beto, Barbara (Texas PTA)

                                 Cargill, Barbara (State Board of Educ.)

                                 Clayton, George (Dist. 12 SBOE)

                                 Craig, Bob (Self; SBOE - District 15)

                                 Exter, Monty (Association of Texas Professional Educators)

                                 Farney, Marsha (SBOE District 10 Member)

                                 Figueroa, Luis (MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund))

                                 Garza, Carlos Charlie (SBOE)

                                 Hardy, Patricia (Member of the State Board of Education)

                                 Lowe, Gail (Self)

                                 Mercer, Kenneth (Member, SBOE)

                                 Miller, Katherine (Texas Freedom Network)

                                 Quinzi, Patty (Texas AFT (American Federation of Teachers))

                                 Ratliff, Robert Thomas (Self)

                                 Saenz, Jonathan (Liberty Institute)

                                 Wallace, Skipper (Texas Republican County Chair's Assoc.)

                                 West, Sandra (Science Teachers Assoc.of Texas)