Agriculture & Rural Affairs

            July 10, 2012 1:00 PM

            Charge 1


                                 DeBerry, Drew  Deputy Commissioner (Texas Department of Agriculture), Austin, TX

                                 Ensor, Marvin  Regional Program Director (Texas AgriLife Extension Service), San

                                 Angelo, TX

                                 Fitzsimons, Blair  Executive Director  (also providing written testimony) (Texas

                                 Agricultural Land Trust), San Antonio, TX

                                 Richter, Robert  County Extension Agent- Horticulture (Texas AgriLife Extension Service),

                                 Houston, TX

                                 Williams, Linda  Willis County Extension Director (Texas AgriLife Extension Service),

                                 Houston, TX

            Charge 3


                                 Dottavio, Dominic  President  (also providing written testimony) (Tarleton State

                                 University), Stephenville, TX

                                 Edmiston D.M.V, William  Veterinarian ( Commissioner, TAHC)  (Self), Eldorado, TX

                                 Ellis, Dee  Executive Director/ State Veterinarian (Texas Animal Health Commission),

                                 Austin, TX

                                 Golla DVM,MS, Steven C.  Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Texas Veterinary Medical

                                 Association), Lockhart, TX

                                 Hillhouse, Joe  Incoming District Director (American Association of Bovine Practitioners),

                                 Panhandle, TX

                                 Lambert, Barry  Associate Professor  (also providing written testimony) (Tarleton State

                                 University), Stephenville, TX

                                 Posey DVM, DABVP, R. Daniel  Director of Special Programs, College of Vet Med &

                                 Biomed Sciences (College of Vet Med & Biomedical Sciences, TAMU), College Station,


            Charge 4


                                 Bacon, Paula  Former Mayor of Kaufman, Texas  (also providing written testimony)  (Self),

                                 Kaufman, TX

                                 Barron, Gayle-Suzanne  Owner of Twiggy's All Animal Rescue  (Self), Round Rock, TX

                                 Buchanan, Ben  Veterinarian (Texas Veterinary Medical Association & Texas Equine

                                 Veterinary Association), Nauosot, TX

                                 Caramante, Julie  (Greater Houston Horse Council), Pearland, TX

                                 Choate, Elizabeth  Director of Government Relations/ General Counsel (Texas Veterinary

                                 Medical Association), Austin, TX

                                 Chopek, Barbara  President (Greater Houston Horse Council), Magnolia, TX

                                 Cowan, Jessica   (Self), Detroit, TX

                                 Crusemann, Jeanne   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Dane, Keith  Director, Equine Protection  (also providing written testimony) (The Humane

                                 Society of the United States), Gaithersburg, MD

                                 Daniels, Ed   (Self), Houston, TX

                                 Denmon, Paula   (also providing written testimony)  (Self), Waxahachie, TX

                                                                              WITNESS LIST

            Agriculture & Rural Affairs

            July 10, 2012 1:00 PM

                                 Dickey, Pat  (Tonkawood Farm), Marble Falls, TX

                                 Dwyer, Kelley  Attorney  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Ellis, Dee  Executive Director/ State Veterinarian (Texas Animal Health Commission),

                                 Austin, TX

                                 Finch, Jerry  President (Habitat for Horses), Hitchcock, TX

                                 Fitzgerald, Cheryl  Doctor of Veterinary Medicine  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Friend, Ted  Professor (Texas Agrilife Research), College Station, TX

                                 Halverson, Elizabeth Kristen   (Self), Bastrop, TX

                                 Hardy, Monica   (also providing written testimony)  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Heyde, Chris  Director of Governmental Affairs (Animal Welfare Institute), Washington,


                                 Hodges, Ken  Associate Legislative Director (Texas Farm Bureau), Waco, TX

                                 Hodges, Vicki   (Self), Fort Worth, TX

                                 Hollaway, Cile  President (Texas Humane Legislation Network), Austin, TX

                                 Jarl, Katie  Texas State Director (The Human Society of the United States), Austin, TX

                                 Meacham, Margaret Anne  Doctor  (Self; THLN), Austin, TX

                                 Miller, Sybil   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Monette, Teddi   (Self), Houston, TX

                                 Monroe, Judy  (Texans Against Horse Slaughter), Austin, TX

                                 Murrell, John   (Self), Dallas, TX

                                 Nelson, Connie  (Willie Nelson and Family), Wimberley, TX

                                 Nielsen, Margo  Horse Owner  (also providing written testimony)  (Self), Fulzon, TX

                                 Papuette, Nicole  Director of Program & Policy (Humane Society of the United States),

                                 Austin, TX

                                 Parker, Jon Ryan   (Self), Kaufman, TX

                                 Sandoul, Natalie   (Self), Fort Worth, TX

                                 Schnurr, Carolyn  Federal Legislative Manages  (also providing written testimony)

                                 (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), Washington, DC

                                 Sotelo, Angela  Certified Equine Abuse & Neglect Investigator (Lonesome Dove Equine

                                 Protection), Godley, TX

                                 Statz, Ward  Sr. Director of Breed Integrity (American Quarter Horse Association),

                                 Amarillo, TX

                                 Stenholm, Charlie  Former U.S Congressman  (also providing written testimony) (Livestock

                                 Marketing Association), Grandbury, TX

                                 Strassner, Becky  Owner at Natural Horse Way  (Self), Elgin, TX

                                 Trimble, Robert  Legislation Chair  (also providing written testimony) (Texas Humane

                                 Legislation Network), Dallas, TX

                  Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Emily, Jakobat  Attorney (THLN), Austin, TX

                                 Enick, Melissa  (Mem. of Wild Burro Prot. League & Wild Horse Freedom), Floresville,


                                 Farabee, Marjorie  Founder and Director Wild Burro Protection League (WHFF),

                                 Plantersville, TX

                                                                              WITNESS LIST

            Agriculture & Rural Affairs

            July 10, 2012 1:00 PM

                                 Fitzergerald, Patricia   (Self), Paige, TX

                                 Gaitan, Naomi   (Self), Mathis, TX

                                 Hightower, Susan   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 LaRowe, William   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Lee, Dottie   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Noel, Adele   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Oneal, Caroline   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Russell, Nicole   (Self), Houston, TX

                                 Schaefer, Betsi   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Shelby, Bobosky  (TULN), Dallas, TX

                                 Stanfield, Heidi   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Verhoef, Shirley   (Self), Manchaca, TX

                                 Verhoef, Susan   (Self), Manchaca, TX

                                 Williamson, Ashley   (Self), Austin, TX