Public School Finance System

            July 30, 2012 9:00 AM

            Panel 1: Education funding: a global perspective


                                 Schleicher, Andreas  Deputy Director for Education and Special Advisor on Education

                                 Policy to the OECD's Secretary-General  (also providing written testimony) (Organization

                                 for Economic and Co-operation and Development)

            Panel 2: Ed. funding in the US; education productivity & innovation


                                 Garn, Myk  Director  (also providing written testimony) (Southern Regional Education

                                 Board), Atlanta, GA

                                 Griffith, Michael  Senior Policy Analyst  (also providing written testimony) (Education

                                 Commission of the States), Denver, CO

                                 Rolle, R. Anthony  Professor and Chair, Dpt of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies 

                                 (also providing written testimony) (U of South Florida-College of Education), Tampa, FL

                                 Thatcher, Daniel  Policy Specialist (National Conference of State Legislatures), Denver, CO