Amend CSHB 5 (house committee printing) as follows:
(1)  On page 4, line 23, between "(b-5)," and "(b-7)", insert "(b-6),".
(2)  On page 9, between lines 1 and 2, insert the following:
(b-6)  The State Board of Education by rule shall require that one or more credits offered in the required curriculum under Subsection (b-1) include a research writing component.  [Before a student's parent or other person standing in parental relation to the student may agree that the student be permitted to take courses under the minimum high school program as provided by Subsection (b), a school district must provide written notice to the parent or person standing in parental relation explaining the benefits of the recommended high school program.     The notice shall be developed by the agency and must:
[(1)     be printed in English and Spanish; and
[(2)     require that the student's parent or person standing in parental relation to the student sign a confirmation of receipt and return the confirmation to the student's campus.]
(3)  On page 22, lines 11-12, strike "Sections 39.023(c), (c-2), and (c-3), Education Code, are amended" and substitute "Section 39.023, Education Code, is amended by amending Subsections (c), (c-2), and (c-3) and adding Subsection (c-7)".
(4)  On page 24, between lines 17 and 18, insert the following:
(c-7)  The English II end-of-course assessment instrument required under Subsection (c) may assess only reading unless assessment of writing also is required by federal law.
(5)  On page 69, line 5, strike "Sections 28.025(b-6), (b-8)," and substitute "Sections 28.025(b-8)".