Amend CSHB 5 (house committee printing) on page 2 by striking lines 1-17 and substituting the following:
SECTION 2.  (a) Section 28.002, Education Code, is amended by amending Subsection (f) and adding Subsection (f-1) to read as follows:
(f)  A school district may offer courses for local credit in addition to those in the required curriculum. The State Board of Education shall be flexible in approving a course for credit for high school graduation under this subsection. A district may also offer a course or other activity, including an apprenticeship or training hours needed to obtain an industry-recognized credential or certificate, that is approved by the board of trustees for local credit without obtaining State Board of Education approval if:
(1)  the district develops a program under which the district partners with a public or private institution of higher education and local business and community leaders to develop and provide the courses; and
(2)  the course or other activity allows students to enter:
(A)  a career or technology training program in the district's region of the state;
(B)  an institution of higher education without remediation;
(C)  an apprenticeship training program; or
(D)  an internship required as part of accreditation toward an industry-recognized credential or certificate for course credit.
(f-1)  Each school district shall annually report to the agency the names of the courses, programs, institutions of higher education, and internships in which the district's students have enrolled under Subsection (f). The agency shall make available information provided under this subsection to other districts.