Amend Amendment No. 1 to HB 3361 by Riddle, on page 1, by striking lines 2-11 and substituting the following:
(1)  Strike page 5, line 17, through page 6, line 8, and substitute the following:
(F)  the level of community support for the application, evaluated on the basis of written statements from the state representative or the state senator that represents the district containing the proposed development site;
(G)  the rent levels of the units;
(H)  the cost of the development by square foot;
(I)  the services to be provided to tenants of the development; [and]
(J)  whether, at the time the complete application is submitted or at any time within the two-year period preceding the date of submission, the proposed development site is located in an area declared to be a disaster under Section 418.014; and
(K)  quantifiable community participation with respect to the development, evaluated on the basis of written statements from any neighborhood organizations on record with the state or county in which the development is to be located and whose boundaries contain the proposed development site;
(2)  Strike SECTION 2.02 of the bill.
(3)  On page 19, line 4, after the semicolon, insert "and".
(4)  On page 19, line 5, strike "; and" and substitute a period.
(5)  On page 19, strike line 6.
(6)  On page 19, line 22, strike "Sections 2306.6710 and 2306.6718, Government Code, apply" and substitute "Section 2306.6710, Government Code, applies".