Amend CSSB 1643 (Senate Committee Printing) as follows:
(1)  In the recital to SECTION 1 of the bill (page 1, line 25), strike "Subdivision (32)" and substitute "Subdivisions (20) and (32)".
(2)  In SECTION 1 of the bill, between the recital and amended Section 481.002(32), Health and Safety Code (page 1, between lines 26 and 27), insert the following:
(20)  "Hospital" means:
(A)  a general or special hospital as defined by Section 241.003 [(Texas Hospital Licensing Law)]; [or]
(B)  an ambulatory surgical center licensed under Chapter 243 [by the Texas Department of Health] and approved by the federal government to perform surgery paid by Medicaid on patients admitted for a period of not more than 24 hours; or
(C)  a freestanding emergency medical care facility licensed under Chapter 254.