Amend CSSB 1747 (house committee report) as follows:
(1)  On page 1, line 17, between "gas" and the period, insert "or the development or generation of wind energy".
(2)  On page 3, between lines 2 and 3, insert the following and renumber subsequent subdivisions of proposed Section 256.103(b), Transportation Code, accordingly:
(2)  the number of wind-powered energy devices located in the county that are designed or adapted to convert the energy available in the wind into thermal, mechanical, or electrical energy;
(3)  On page 5, line 24, between "activities" and "and", insert "or by the development and generation of wind energy".
(4)  Strike page 9, line 24.
(5)  On page 9, line 25, strike the period and substitute "; and".
(6)  On page 9, between lines 25 and 26, insert the following:
(3)  one wind company representative who performs company activities in the county and is a local taxpayer.